Monday, January 27, 2014

Wiikend (not so) fun

Friday I called up W to see if he wanted to go the Loony Bin , to my surprise he said yes. Please note I've asked him for at least the last 5 years, so to hear a yes, I jumped right on purchasing tickets online. After work, I got myself together and then he called up Steven and we met up for dinner and then went to the show altogether. We headed home after the show and W made a fire and we listened to music. It was a pretty chill night, until I BOWLED THE WII REMOTE through my tv. It sucked, it still stings to talk & even think about it. It's all fun and games until you bowl a remote through a tv and break your living room t.v. ouch.

Saturday morning, I was supposed to take my car in for window tinting, as you can imagine this task was put on hold since I can't take care of my nice stuff. I'm a self punisher. I mean I don't cut myself, (which isn't to be taken lightly, i get that it is a real problem) but I just like to make myself really absorb what I've done wrong and then wait on things I think I need before making impulse decisions. So for now, window tint is on my to-do list. :(

Lil' Dylan dressed up as Wendy, such a sweet birthday girl!

That afternoon I went to miss Dylan's birthday party. Her mom has the best ideas and Dylan wanted a Peter Pan themed party. It was pretty freakin' adorable. After the party, I came home and napped with Shoba, it's kind of what I do when I'm upset about something, I just sleep. So I was trying to sleep off my tv breaking blues. Once W made it home we went and grabbed dinner, I ended up getting pretty sick that night so my night was ruined.

My lil napping buddy.

Sunday morning I met up with KC for some breakfast & chit chat. We hadn't seen each other in a good minute so it was nice to just enjoy eachothers company over some grub. After breakfast, I think I napped?!? Apparently over the weekend I lost my memory... Then I got up and went and watched Her at the movies. Am the only one all about going to a movie by myself? No... Anyway, I was telling C I'm totally cool with it, but people look at you like "WHAAAAT ARE YOU THINKKKKKKING? GOING BY YOURSELF? I COULD NEVER... " well, I can, so get over it. There were a group of ladies who were in front of me laughing & carrying on and it reminded me of me and a couple of my besties and I thought I hope we stay friends that long. I'm sure we will. I got home from the movies and watched the grammies. Finally decided to get rid of the blonde in my hair and go back to my natural roots. Like my dad always says "there aren't any blonde indians", so out with the blonde and back to my darker locks. Pretty laid back weekend, but hey that's what happens when you break a tv... meh

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