Monday, February 24, 2014

1st roadtrip, 10k & wedding love

What a fun weekend! Friday night we hopped in the new Honda and headed to Dallas! This was my first road trip in my car so I was actually excited about things like gas mileage, smooth driving and crap like that. - yeah, that sentence shows my age alright! We got in fairly early but after a day of working, driving and knowing I had to be up at the crack of dawn made me get in bed pretty early. Naturally, it was hard for me to sleep knowing I had a run the next morning. I get all anxious!

Saturday morning happened before I knew it. I feel like I had only got about 4 hours of sleep, but it was good sleep. I popped up when my alarm went off and automatically got ready. I was starving so we had to stop and get me breakfast before I ran. It was a rush after that, find free parking, find the expo, get my packet, run my ass off. The race went good, it was HUGE race. I had no idea. Note to self: read about races before running them. Oh well. 6.2 miles was over in my goal of 1 hour before I knew it. only by one second....regardless it was under an hour, but it was technically 6.28 miles so I felt a little bit better with those results.

After the race, Alana and Bob made a great brunch and then we went downtown. It was a great day for patio drinks. We also went to a big park that was a lot of fun. Where there's a foos table, the boys will find it.
Thanks Alana for making my hair pretty!


This kid knew all the moves to thriller!


She's a beauty!

That evening we went to a beautiful chapel to watch Jordan & Hal be married. She looked absolutely stunning. She is such a beautiful person inside & out. So happy for them! I love LOVE... I know I say that all the time but I do! After the wedding, we chowed down at the reception! I love that Jordan had a cake station, best cake ever!

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