Friday, February 14, 2014

Balentines is the Best

Someone should really get a handle on that sink full of dishes!

I love LOVE. So obviously I love today. Who cares, shoot me! I do. I love it, and not just because I’m currently in a happy relationship, which guarantees that I will get flowers on this day and not just a text or flowers from my dad saying “sorry you’re single on valentines day”. Truth is, I’ve always loved it. I am no mush (in public) but let’s be honest, it’s the ONE day I can be as mushy, lovey dovey all happy about seeing red roses and chocolates if I want and nobody and I mean NOBODY can say anything to me about it and make me feel bad. I mean I’m sorry for loving love would be my reply and that would make the person who was trying to make me feel bad, feel bad. Right?  Well again, I don’t care. I love today. From January 1st up until today, I continuously remind my guy that I can’t wait until balentines day. - it's not a typo, it's what I actually call this day, and have been for forever now.

So go ahead all you anti-love day haters, you go ahead and be sad it’s a Hallmark holiday. But let me remind you, every holiday has it’s “thing”. Christmas has Santa Claus, do you hate Santa? – didn’t think so. Easter has the bunny who lays Cadbury eggs, do you hate those eggs?- no? didn’t think so. Halloween has dressing up, do you hate that? – you probably do, which then makes me realize you aren’t able to have a little fun. HAVE SOME FUN. Get yourself out there, go get you some cheap chocolates in a heart shaped box, a bottle (or bag) of wine, put on your favorite movie and let someone (anyone, it doesn’t have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend) enjoy your company and love you for who you are! Go on now, get off that couch, put your shoes on and go get your love on.

p.s. if you like fast food at all, (which, who in the world doesn’t like fast food? ) there’s a good chance tonight is THE NIGHT the line won’t be wrapped around your local fast food joint, you’ll probably get great service and you know what? You might even find your soulmate out there enjoying a dip cone! SO GOOOOOOOO!

or i guess you can just set there and read this and think about how awful this post is as you listen to "hope floats" plays in the background on your t.v. as you're thinking "man, I wish I had a guy like Justin Matisse who could just sweep me off of my feet, I'd definitely fall for a guy like him", but let's be honest, you aren't gonna find him just sitting there, get out there, go let someone fall in love with you, even if it's your dog. I gave my dog a valentine toy, and he LOVES toys!

Cannot wait to spend my weekend in the cabin with my babertz! Cannot wait til he gets home to see how cheesy I am either. He knows I love today and it's significance! I decided to write some lyrics that always remind me of him so he can be surprised with my gushiness when he gets home tonight!

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  1. L O V E this post! You're a very creative gift giver!!! Love those signs!