Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shooting guns, dancin' boots & my very own teepee

Gah-lee! I so said I was going to be better at this blogging stuff this year. Already not doing a great job, meh. Maybe it's because I don't really do much throughout the week like I used to. The weekends are spent actually doing things so that's pretty much the only thing I blog about lately. Sorry readers.... I mean I could always blog about my thoughts and beliefs on the illuminati . I doubt you are that  interested though. Only W gets the "joy" of hearing all those thoughts. (lucky him haha)

Friday night was a good night. W and I went to dinner after I got off of work. It was nice to sit down and just relax. Last week was a little overwhelming for this girl. We went and had italian, thank God for carbs and white wine. (also, thank God for helping me wake up to workout so that my Friday night dinner and wine was guiltfree) After we got finished with dinner we went and picked W's grandparents up from the airport. Honestly, I can't remember what in the world we did after that, my memory fades apparently. I'm guessing catching up on sleep was what we did.

Battle wound...

Saturday morning we got up early and went and got some breakfast. W pretty much hated it. Sorry. I loved it though : ) We ran around Moore. We went to go look at cowboy boots, we went thrift store shopping and then we went to the gun range. Can I just say that I hope I am able to put my glasses on if ever in a situation that I need to use my gun, because that fucker will be dead. (language) After shooting, we went and checked out tv options. We are thinking bigger, which is exciting but this also makes it hard to make a decision on which tv we want. So many options. After looking at tv's we went to the gym. The gym was cool, I just started my half marathon officially last week so I was supposed to run 5 miles on Saturday. I had told myself to at least get in four and a half. Well, while at the gym my mind played tricks on me and I ended up running 6. That was exciting! Just to know that I wasn't entirely out of shape as I had originally thought. Once we got home we decided to go out. We don't generally just go out he and I, so that was fun. We decided on Cowboys , W had never been. We got out our boots and went out around 11. We came back and I had talked W in to making a fire, only for us to post up by it for about 5 minutes before deciding it was entirely too windy and cold to be outside... even with a fire. (we are a bunch of babies)

Thunder test tubes

Seeds, beer, boots and a fire... you can take the girl out of the the country but you can't take the country out of the girl ; )

Sunday W took me out to breakfast and we ran to Norman to run a few errands. It was white and beautiful out so W took Shobey on a walk. Shobes loves this weather. We ended up watching We Are Marshall and I'm not going to lie a few tears were shed. Superbowl was pretty lame to me so I didn't watch it!  Happy Monday friends, hope you guys have a wonderful week!

these crazy kids today... always on their cell phones

Sunday was also spent turning the guest room into a little mini native haven. I've been getting in touch with my ndn side lately. I think this a year of spirituality for me or something. I've been reading up on all types of things. Now, who wants to come stay in my teepee? 

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