Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Love Love LOVE!

Oh my gosh, remember how I said I love Valentines day? Well, lets just say, my Wills knows this. He said he told one of his co-workers that I like Balentines day more than Christmas... this may or may not be true.  He is pretty good at spoiling the crap out of me on Valentines Day. Since Valentines day fell on a weekend this year, he decided to change it up. Friday before I got off of work, he hand delivered me flowers, cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Um, after eating healthy for the last month, it tasted a lot like heaven!

That night we thought we'd take it easy go get a couple of things and then watch a rom-com. We went to Target that evening to get food that we would cook the next night. I fell asleep by 9 that night, something about having the man of the house home when he's been out of town for 3 days makes you fall asleep quickly.

Shoba making sure the bank teller sees him to get a dog bone!

Balentine Wine
Me & Shobey waiting on dinner!

We love hot tubs! He's in heaven!!! haha

Ok, so we usually do Valentines day, very special but routine where we go to one of our favorite places and indulge in wine and delicious food. This year he decided to rent out a cabin that we have come to love in Davis, OK. We got up Saturday morning ran a few errands and we were headed south. We decided we HAD to take Shoba, you can't go to the woods and leave your pet wolf at home, I mean who does that? Not us. Shoba was so excited!

We got to the cabin Saturday afternoon, dropped all of our stuff off  and then got ready to go on a hike. We had fun, but Shoba seriously LOVED it. After our hike, we stopped in Sulphur to do some sidewalk shopping. I ended up getting a beaded headband and stocked up on my favorite wine. We headed back to the cabin and Wills cooked for us. We gave Shobey a balentine steak too. We hung out in the hot tub and then watched Shoba flip out over a deer.

She crazy!


Happiest/sleepiest pup on earth last night

Still lets me home him like a baby!


Sunday morning we woke up to the sounds of nature and natural sunlight, oh and Shoba dying to go back outside in his natural environment. We stopped for breakfast at a local VERY busy diner, where Wills got the biggest omelet I've ever seen. Next, we surprised my papa by popping in to see him. My sister, Buzz & BK came up and we visited with Papa Harber and then all went out for a cupcake. Papa said he'd never had a cupcake, which was crazy to me, considering he's 89. After having one, he said he might have to stop in everyday from now on. My papa is the cutest. We made a stop to "hang" out with some of our cousins at the monkey tree before leaving town. Once we were home I made Will watch a chick flick with me, and then I was out by 9:30. Talk about perfect balentine weekend. He did good! It just makes me more ready for the first week of July and our trip to Colorado with Shobes!

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