Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Friends, good laughs & strong drinks

I don't even know where to begin since I haven't blogged anything for almost a month.... I'll begin with saying that I've just been having a LOT of fun. That seems all braggy, but it's just the truth. I'll try to cover all areas but I know I'll miss some. Let's see...

Ran a 15k, did an advocare cleanse (as I'm eating starburst and typing) - it actually worked, lost 9 lbs total... again as I'm on my second pkg of starburst. I'm freakin' hungry. Hung out with Kevin & Amanda, we love them. Got new glasses. Working on getting Shoba to eat out of his new dog feeder, it's a bit of a task. I've been spending the evenings with Shoba and Wills and catching up on some much needed sleep. It was a good thing I've rested up because we went to Dallas again this past weekend to celebrate Bobby's birthday. It was definitely a great time of celebrating! We ended up staying the night with one of our favorite people Tim, so the drive home was brutal. Will did take me out to get some delicious food on the way home, or should I say I let him? Because I never feel like seafood but Aw Shucks was pretty tastey for a girl who had waited entirely too long to get some food. I felt like I was in food heaven by the time we ate. The drive home was pretty brutal, we were both spent. Fun times were had and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Life is good and I freakin' love my boyfriend more and more these days, he's the funnest.

we sniff

then we look

we sniff more

then we look

New glasses, seeing things SO much better these days

Let's share a bottle of wine he said (after I had already had one). This resulted in the hot messness

Birthday Boy!

Hot mess, good thing he's my best friend and couldn't give two shits what I look like.

The woman who put this thing together!

The point we should go to sleep, but decided not to!

(play the song "Happy" by Pharrell and then look at this picture)

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