Friday, March 21, 2014

Paint Pals

NOT to be confused with pen pals - because those aren't cool anymore

When W goes out of town, I usually stick around the house and get shit done. This week was pretty much the same except I invited a few girls over to paint and wine. Ok, so here's the deal on this idea, we aren't good haha. Well besides Van Gogh - you know who you are! (and readers after looking at the photos I'm sure you'll figure that one out too)

The girls came over last night with pallets & wine in hand and we settled in on the patio for a little chit chat and painting. We were all feeling inspired so we got down on the paint - EVERY color, because you can never have too much color right? errrr... 

Anyway, look at our paintings -

Maybe next time I'll set up a projecter and you tube an instructor teaching us to paint, but then again maybe not. Love patio nights with my girls!

p.s. Shoba enjoyed stealing our paint brushes and eating your flip flop Paris.... sorry, he's only 1 guys, hims still a puppy (little shit)

Sidenote - my painting ISN'T finished, turns out when you put 80 bajillion coats of paint on top of each other it takes years to dry.... to be continued!


  1. I'm going to guess that Van Gogh definitely isn't Amanda. LOL. Paris fo sho! Looks fun. Wish I coulda been there. xo

  2. How fun! Try a hair dryer. :)