Monday, March 17, 2014

Patio, St. Patty's & Bettin' on horses

Friday night, the mister had planned to grill out with me and have a date night. Love when he plans stuff, it's the little things. I made some wine-a-rita's that were freakin' delicious and then we enjoyed his good eats. After dinner, we asked friends over to enjoy our patio. It was perfect patio weather!

Couldn't have described me any better... haha

Drunk as a skunk from our date night before anyone even came over, but I did take a cat nap to prep for our company and more wine-ing  : )

Saturday, we were cravin' wings so we went and had one of my most favorite meals, beer & wings. We met up with Zuba at Cock o' the walk in the city for a few early beers and good conversation. We love Zuba. It was nice playing catchup.

So serious!

Later, we met up with the rest of the crew to celebrate Brad's 29th birthday at Remington. I put $20 down on 7 (thanks for the advice Chad Stevens..not!) lost that quick. Played a slot machine, lost $20 more, opted to quit that crap and stick to drinking. We went to the Sip and had a St.Patty's/Brad's 29th birthday celebration. We ended up at Zach's for the night - thanks for letting us crash Zach - nice apt by the way, sorry we haven't come to visit under other circumstances.

Sunday, I slept, ALL day. I was supposed to run a race, but I pretty much told Paris that may not happen since I was planning to have a "jeri kaye fun" weekend. To be honest, it was totally worth it to me. I got to hang out with my girlfriends Amanda & Michele, and then hang out with the guys and my guy and I just enjoyed soaking it all in and didn't even mind the mini migraine on Sunday. Sometimes you just need to enjoy this kind of stuff, because I remind myself that when I have kids or get married I might forget what "these days" were like. Mission fun weekend, accomplished.

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  1. I agree! Do it now! You still can on occasion when the babies come along, but those occasions are few and far between! I'm glad you had a fun weekend! I'm going to need to try these wine-a-rita's you speak of!