Monday, April 7, 2014

Last week was such an emotional week. I couldn't seem to get my shit together. At work I was having a lot of communication issues and I was serious dieting and exercising for the first week in a while which I think jacked with my hormones or something. With all that said, Friday 5:30 pm couldn't have come any faster. I was just ready to be away from responsibility. W & I went to the gym and had a gym date, we said that from now on Fridays, this will be our day to workout together. He and I have very different workout routines, but we like the idea of working out together. Mine just involves a shit ton of cardio where as his is more about building muscle. I love lifting weights but I'm trying to lose before defining so I feel like I'll do this for about a month and then move onto to working muscles out more than one day a week. It is fun to workout together though, we both push each other in ways that neither of us prefer to be pushed, yet we know it's beneficial. Basically I make him do the type of working out he doesn't love and he makes me do more reps and works muscles I don't love working out. SUPER fun. ;)

Saturday morning, we got up and got Shoba ready for the Medieval Fair. He was stoked to be getting out. We stopped by Luke's house who had set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Second Chance Animal Sanctuary . I know I say it a lot, but Luke's awesome. He has this gigantic heart that I can't get enough of!

We made our way to the medieval fair where we got asked only a bajillion times if our dog was a wolf. If we said yes, we got told rules and "suggestions". If we said no, then we got told we were wrong. There was no win there and we were easily annoyed, well, maybe just me. Anyway, poor Shoba can't just enjoy a day out hanging at the fair without getting swarmed by people. Let's just say if he "was/is" a wolf, wolves react a lot differently to people petting them than a pure breed dog would. Let's also just say that wolves just keep to themselves, stay with their packs, so if they don't know you, they don't necessarily want to know you. They just have their own friends. - this actually includes a few of our really close friends, he knows his people, our people, our pack! - oh did i just admit he's a wolf? ... Spare me the rules & regulations of owning one please. After that we got lunch and ran into Tweeter and enjoyed the afternoon in good conversation with he and Eric. We took Shoba home and met up Amanda & Kevo,  by the way has Amanda ever cooked her Tilapia & rice meal? Damn it's good!
Totally missed Paris running in this picture, guess she kicked in to finish so this was my attempt haha

Sunday I grabbed KC and we went to cheer on Paris who ran the Redbud Classic 10k yesterday afternoon. She did great, and we pretty much enjoyed catching up while she ran, basically we took the lazy approach. The we all went to Orange Leaf for some fro-yo. We discussed grown up stuff, pregnancies, bank accounts, building houses and future plans. It so fun hanging out though even if we are talking about those types of things, it's just nice to catch up with the momma's in my circle. Yesterday evening, we celebrated Mrs. Barbara Benton's birthday (Wills grams), she's such a sweetheart. We got together for a nice birthday dinner at Red Lobster, thank Jesus seafood is healthy and that I don't like melted butter! We came home & watched the ACM awards and then I'm pretty sure I fell asleep around 8. Great weekend!
Ordering at Red Lobster is serious business for this one...

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