Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Anti-Bucket list

So a few years ago I made a bucket list, and to be honest, I haven't even achieved most of the things on it. And since I felt unachieved, I figured I'd use reverse psychology on myself to make myself feel successful at achieving something. I've decided I'd make an anti bucket list. A list of things I hope I never do before I die.

Break a bone

Get a divorce

Get bit by a snake, although I often wonder what it would feel like

Have a saggy neck

Porn? Haha

Enter an eating contest

Own a mini van

Sell any of the following things: Herbalife, jewelry, jamberry nails, avon, mary kay, plexus, zeal, advocare, etc.

Never stop taking pictures, people think I do it for social media, I do it for myself, well, and my blog, I love these memories

Get a pixie cut

Or an old lady cut, you know “the old lady cut” its permed and short and sometimes even purple

Watch an entire season of the bachelor- sorry ladies, this show is so freaking stupid

Go to prison
p.s. as expected, my plan worked, I feel better(ish)

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