Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend back home

There's so much to talk about, however, when I go back home it seriously takes a full day to recover from the go go go that goes on while going back home. I'm gonna be brief on what we did this weekend because I'm just too tired to compose my thoughts right now.

Friday, we met Chanda & Buzz for dinner at some mexican place. I brought some cuppy cakes and B her easter things. I love that little girl.

We met up with some friends later that night and had some good ole hometown fun.

Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast at the marina then I went to watch kids hunt eggs, well, that didn't take long they were finished within 15 minutes. I decided to run from the field house to soldier creek for my run that day. It wasn't a bad run, a little hot, but my friend Adam had a cold beer waiting for me once I got there. I was pretty spent the rest of that day. I relaxed and tried to gain energy, but it didn't happen until after I got my nap in. (old balls) Will and I went and got our camp set up at the lake and I watched the guys & Chelsea throw around some horseshoes.

Never fun to see these two walk away or not stay & hang with us longer!

feelin' the music, clearly


Sunday morning we woke up early and got all fancied up for church. I got to see almost everyone in Kingston, old coaches, friends of the family, family, and people I didn't even recognize anymore because it had been so long. Wills & I took a mini drive around town after church. We got back to Paula's and then the boys ended up cooking out around 4. I was starving. Honestly, I guess the next time I'm about to go down, I'm gonna have to change my eating schedule, because all weekend long I was pretty much starving because no one eats at the same time as me.

He's so hot, I'm a lucky woman.

The house that built me... so many good and bad memories inside there!

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