Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Bliss

This weekend was pretty cool, despite the fact that I'm still on this damn cleanse. Friday night, Wills & I met at the gym right after work and got a workout in. He had a couple of his friends over but I was tired as hell so I got cozy in my blankets and fell asleep early. Shoba stayed up with the boys until 4 a.m., crazy ass dog.

Saturday morning, it sure was quiet around my house, those two boys had worn themselves out by staying up so late. I let them sleep in while I worked on a project. I get on the etsy website all the time to look at different things I want/need. Fine, I almost never need  anything but I sometimes talk myself into thinking that. I saw these painted vans that I really thought were cool and thought, hmmmm, maybe I can do that.  I went and picked up a cheap lookalike pair and then got my paint out to begin my project. Wills though they looked cool and wants me to paint him a pair but I told him he'd have to pay me, that shit takes too long. They turned ok I guess, but I figure they will be my lake shoes. Saturday evening, we took a bike ride to Travvy Green's house to have a cookout and meet one of his friends from Chile. It was a nice night for a ride and a cookout, we got home around 11:30 because some dbag told us the wrong directions, we believe he did it on purpose, freakin' jerk.

Sunday we went on a breakfast date and just hung around the house. Uncle Sam & Uncle Travis came over for a little bit that evening and we watched the MTV Awards. They were kind of lame though. This weekend was pretty much just what I needed, sometimes we just never slow down and relax so it's sure nice when we do.

Been hydrating a little more lately haha

Frustration of working out on a Sunday..

Sunday Funday?.... Maybe for him haha

Also, yesterday evening was exciting for me too. I found out I got chosen in the lottery to run the Chicago Marathon in October. Pretty cool shit! Marathon #3, pretty exciting!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! Chicago!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. And I love your crafty shoes. :)