Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cooking out, wine mixer & Thunder Basketball

This weekend was pretty  good for the most part. There always seems to be that one thing that happened that you wish didn't, but above all I give this weekend a 3 1/2 star rating. Thursday night, Wills & I decided we would cook out on Friday, so after I got finished babysitting I ran to wally world and got all the fixins for making shish kabobs. I got all my veggies cut up and by mid night thirty I was pooped. Friday, I came home right after work and worked on appetizers and kabobs up until the time they were put on the grill. Alana made some yummy ham roll ups that I could not stop eating. We had some friends come over to watch the Thunder game. A couple we are friends with brought over there projector and we watched the game on the patio while enjoying the good food. We had tons of food! (That is me tooting my own horn for all my hard work haha) I wish we had a projector, I'd probably make Wills watch movies with me all summer in our backyard with Shoba.

Saturday, we all got up and were starving. We split up and went to the restaurant of our choice. That afternoon we rode the bike to Mooneys to meet up with a small group. We had a few drinks before heading to the Smiths house for the Marshall County Wine Mixer. Once, we got to the Smith's, there were lots of hometown friendly faces, dance parties, laughs and the night ended with me and Tamara Harris having a long talk on the front porch. Love that girl!

Ella had her class bunny for the weekend, Jasper. Jasper got out of his cage while I was sleeping that night, I found him under the bed. Scary, thinking I lost a class pet!

Sunday morning, I woke up to my bff Ella (The Smith's daughter). She is a doll. We played barbies, jumped on the trampoline and then made plans on getting BFF necklaces. Before long we headed back to Moore for the afternoon. Wills headed to his mama's for mother's day to spend time with his mom & grandma. I had every intention of going to the watch the Thunder game somewhere, but before I knew I was waking up from a nap. Shoba had laid down to cuddle with me and stayed by me the whole afternoon. I think it's legit about dog's being able to sense emotions. I was emotional that day due to a few things going on in the present and memories from the past. Thank Jesus for my Shobey.

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