Friday, May 23, 2014


Making: new healthy recipes/gypsy boots
Cooking: with the more natural ingredients. incorporating a lot more fish into my diet
Drinking: Your Tea  & Skinny Teatox 2-3 times a day, not really going by an actual plan but trying to drink more of this stuff. I really like the Skinny Teatox best.
Reading:Marathon by Hal Higdon
Wanting: Laketime... but I'm getting it this weekend so I'm a happy girl
Looking: at different types of marathon training plans
Playing: Cards! Last weekend there was a lot of speed & spoons going on, so fun!
Wasting: calories, I need to save them up for a good meal or a fruity drink
Wishing: for CAKE!!! - get one on my birthday though! Haven't eaten cake in so long. SO HARD!
Enjoying: my long runs more!
Waiting: for 5 o'clock! Then I get to head South!
Liking: when crazy pants doesn't give me attitude! Crazy pants being my Wills
Wondering: where my buffalo necklace charm is...
Loving: my Shoba, he's nuts, but I love him SO much. C is in town and she got to see his sweet side last night before we all went to bed.
Hoping: to not be too hungover so that I can get my 3 miler in over the weekend.
Marveling: at our blossoming town
Needing: a float so I can lay out on the lake this weekend!
Smelling: paint fumes, story of my life.
Wearing: lots of shorts these days & more boots, although it may seem like i'm going for a certain look, the truth is I can't find a pair of sandals I love, but most importantly I've lost two toe nails from running, so my feet look funky & embarrassing!
Following: my dream of running more and more marathons
Noticing: a stronger body
Knowing: that my boyfriend has my back and we have grown a lot in the past year
Thinking: constantly about my family, wishing we were all closer, like I wish we lived in the same neighborhood
Feeling: accomplished
Bookmarking: runner diet recipes
Opening: my mind up to different ideas
Giggling: when i think about my sister's uncontrollable laugh.
Feeling: busy/young/rungry

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