Monday, May 5, 2014

Diets, garage sales & patio cocktails

Let me stress to you readers that I may be one of the most boring girls ever, especially lately. In my journey to get healthy, I don't do much of anything other than eat healthy, exercise, run some more and then sleep. I mean I'm just boring! I try to squeeze in fun here and there without trying to screw my diet up. I can't eat out because it's harder to eat healthy that way, I can't really go out because I need my sleep and drinking is too good for me to say no to, so basically I don't do much. I watch movies?!.... But this weekend, I went to garage sales - told ya I'm exciting. I was pretty excited when I found some pottery barn pillow shams, some green antique wine glasses and a green dress for Sutton, I think I spent $4. Oh here's some more exciting things I did this weekend, I tried out a new sugar free gum and had a sugar free snowcone! On Sunday, I did get out and had a couple of vodka waters with my Harris twins, only to come home and pee my bed. Cool. I'll say it again, I am pathetic these days. haha I'm seriously a piece of work with this diet thing! Next weekend I'm going to a Marshall County wine mixer, now THAT is exciting!

my friday night... who have I turned into? haha

Garage sales were also a time for me to meet my neighbors, this lady was a trip!

How cute are these two? Will had to buy some popsicles!

Fell in love with this house

Love these two girls!

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