Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lake Weekends

This weekend was SO much fun! I try to remember it all and when I do that, I realize that it all went by so quickly. Even though we were up til early hours of the morning and the nights were long, it seems like we just never wanted the nights to end and the fun to stop. First of all, my bestie flew in from Chicago Thursday night, we had some girls over and we sipped on sangria. It was a nice low key night, but I was SO tired. Friday's work day drug along like a slug. It was so boring and I was so anxious. The Wills had given me a list of four things to do and I felt like I was rushing to get them done by the time I go off of work. Courtney got over pretty early and she was laughing at me the entire time. We had a nice little chat on our way down and it made the trip fly by. I met up with Wills and Tim then waited on the rest of the crew to get back from the booze cruise. We all met up at Bryan & Whitneys to get the crew rounded up for the gardens. Always so much fun catching up with everyone you haven't seen in a while. The night lasted LONG!

Shobey got lots of lake time in this weekend too! Loves the water!

Saturday morning, we got up and went to breakfast at the fire station. I decided to get a run in and ran back from breakfast. It was nice to sweat all that alcohol out of my system, I'm glad I got it over with and made myself do it. We headed out to west beach then stopped by the islands then got back to the Fernandez home base and got some food. The night was filled with porch sitting, music listening, and more drinks. Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday but just not as fast paced or alcohol filled, it was actually pretty relaxing. Wills and I really wanted to sleep that night, but we didn't, we made ourselves go mingle with our friends who lived in different states that we don't get to spend time with that often. It was worth it, but once we were back to the house we were more than ready for bed.

Like, he's probably the happiest wolf ever! Jumping waves & playing with his aunt & uncle!

 Love my brown boy, he always wins at the get dark contest though :( luckily I was the only person who didn't burn! Go me! haha

Monday was probably my favorite day, it was alcohol free & family filled, not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the drunkeness and friend time, but sometimes you just really need some quality family time. I got to spend the entire day with Brentli & my sister. We did some shopping, talked a bunch and I got to hear my B say my name on her own without having anyone telling her who I was. She is going through a phase where she is copying what everyone says and it's pretty dang cute. Wills & I get to babysit her tonight while her mom & daddy go to the Thunder game, so excited about it, I can't wait til Uncle Wills sees her, he's pretty soft on his BK. I think it's pretty adorable that he loves her and I think it's cool that she's the first baby he's really gotten close to and gotten to know, reminds me that he's gonna be a good dad one day!

Told her I was going to leave her in the car so she waved bye! haha

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