Monday, June 9, 2014

Patio time, family reunion & camping extravaganza

I'm totally enjoying this window of down time from training for a big race! It all ends this weekend, and honestly I'm ready and itchin' for it to end so I can focus on my marathon. However, I did enjoy my last weekend of fun!

Friday night Eric & Michele made it over for a little patio time. While grilling out, three of us decided that we were the only avid grillers. You can almost always count on the three of us to be the ones if not the only ones at the patio when it comes to grill out plans. We love the food and the down time talking & listening to music. I ended the night with reading their cards and finding out I'm going to come down with a deathly illness by reading my own ;).

Saturday morning Wills & I got up at 9 a.m. and got stuff ready for the annual family reunion and one night camping trip we always go on. Our plan was to be at the reunion at the start time - it hasn't happened the last 4 years - and that didn't happen this year either. What a let down! One day, maybe I'll get this time thing down. We played baggo once we got to the reunion and ate good, at least we were there by 1 and there was still food there! Thank goodness! Camping was an experience this year to say at the least. It stormed, but it didn't stop us! It was quite the experience! BK, my sister & I slept most of Sunday away. They troopers, like us!

Teaching BK how to play baggo

BK is sportin' her new wheelchair these days!This also means she will begin the 3 yr old program soon! She was excited to be shopping for uncle Wills camping eats!

Check out my spaz smile! But her smile makes me SO happy!

Eddie helped Wills build our fire & even had a homeade hat for the rain

Cousin princess Shellie not being ok with our plans to camp despite the storms

Having fun in the tent while it rained, we prayed it would stop!

Mr. Shoba protected us

Happy Campers despite the rain

footprint art

We couldn't leave Sulphur without going by a local greenhouse or getting a pickle snow cone!
P.S. Readers, I've recently set up a brave page for my neice, on this page you will be able to purchase a bracelet and $10 of that money will go directly to BK to use for any of her needs! The page isn't working properly as of today, so I've had to email the company to figure it all out but I'll keep you posted if your heart strings are tugging on you telling you to help my BK out : ) 

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