Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer evenings with my baby love

This past week I got to spend some qt with a cutie! I pretty much love that my sister works in education so that she gets to spend a few days with us during the summer months and I get to look forward to coming home to lil B! This week has been so fun with her, we've counted a lot, gotten ice cream, listened to music while uncle Wills piddled in the garage, said prayers, she made sure I was hydrated during my at home workouts and had water on hand when I got finished, played in makeup & laughed a bunch! Love you little girl, you are growing up too fast! I told you guys the other day that I set up a Brave Page for BK where you can buy a bracelet & $10 goes directly to her to put towards any of her medical needs, I'm getting a necklace and two bracelets, pretty excited about this page, these cute bracelets, (i'm a bracelet girl) and how BK benefits from it! I chose the three colors red, blue & green, Red was my mom's favorite color, Blue is my sisters and Green is mine. We are still trying to figure out with Brentli's favorite color is, it's hard to say, right now it just depends on who dresses her ;). Love you B!

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