Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Weekends are fun

Summertime is the best! I love getting a little sunshine, drinking on a patio and laughing with friends. This weekend Wills took me on a sunset cruise Friday night to celebrate my age. It was really nice to just be with him and have fun with him. Our alone time as far as dates go are few and far between, but they are pretty awesome when they happen. For my birthday I usually just ask for dates because I know he can't say no if I say "well, it is my birthday" haha. I love when we go on dates, I think it's good for a couple to get back to that spot where you just enjoy eachothers company and reminisce about how it all began. We got dressed pretty, enjoyed appetizers and cocktails on the Oklahoma river and it was just wonderful.

Boat Elevator

Birthday Boat Pose

Love this man

Captain Selfie

Saturday, birthday festivites were all around the campus corner area. Eventually it turned into Wills birthday, SO annoying. Why can't people just let the birthday people celebrate their birthday?!?! ugh. Anyway, I'm over it now, but it is lame.


Told ya, boy celebrated HARD...
Sunday, we hit up Fuzzy's with Shoba and then Summer Breeze, think we will try and make it there every Sunday. Shoba loves getting out. Shoba loves kids & dogs, so he was worn out by the time he got home. Next time we'll picnic & bring a bottle of red. 

Belly rubs & chicken wing

He made new friends!

Summer Breezin'
Excited for the upcoming weekends, we have a family reunion next weekend where we will get some camping in, then Wills pops is visiting Oklahoma, BK is gonna come up for doctors appointments and aunt/uncle time, concerts & then the best part VACATION begins at the end of the month, so happy to be getting away with Wills & Shobes, MUCH NEEDED. Work hard, play hard! Sweet summertime! 

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