Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mother nature be calling my name

We have officially gotten our vacation planned! We will be leaving for New Mexico early as heck on Saturday morning! We plan on river rafting, hiking, biking, camping, local beering, wining & dining. I can't wait to run & get some new scenery in. I can't wait to shop for artsy stuff that we love. We will get to see some family members on our each of our dad's side of the family! I want to go to a local pow wow, I want to do it ALL! I just can't stop thinking about this trip. I am trying to talk Wills into building a tent mansion because we found a few extra tents in our garage a couple of weeks ago. I love the outdoors. I love that he loves the outdoors. I can't wait to unplug (although we are not going to be completely technology free, we'll have our photo & video cameras with us), spend some overdue time in the woods exploring with Wills. I think in relationships ppl need to nurture the relationship by doing the things they love together, I can tell you, we don't do that enough, so maybe it's a good idea to try it out. I have begged for 3 years now to get this time with him, guess he is either tired of hearing me complain or has actually realized I will kill him if he doesn't take me this year! All the pictures I've found online get me all butterfly-y inside.

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