Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Lake Love

This weekend was a lot of fun! Concert with the creek crew Friday night and then on Saturday we laked it, I ran around soldier creek, such a pretty run, but also always SO exhausting because of the heat and hills. Spent some time two steppin' with my best friend and even Billy Fernandez. Hung out and had vodka by bonfire then an early morning swim with my best Sunday morning.  Then drove down Maytubby and thought about how life used to be. Now, I'm struggling on a Monday, but thinking about how amazing next week is going to be. The mountains be calling my name! 




ofcourse this is legal, drunk girl passed out on a seadoo, oh yeah, no big

Shobey & I needed a nap when we got home, only guy who cuddles in this house


Oh just a glimpse of my boyfriend when he gets older, I can never get over how much they look alike

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