Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eleven goin' to heaven

1. What is your favorite type of cheese?
feta is my absolute favorite

2. What are you excited about?
 Right now, I'm excited about feeling, because me feeling some of the emotions (good, bad & ugly) means I'm alive. It means I need to figure me out more, which fuels my belief of people change a ton in their 20's. Someone once told me you shouldn't make any serious decisions until you're 30. I'm believin' it.

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
Very low key. I don't do big birthday these days anymore apparently, I celebrated with sushi, a motorcycle ride & an ice cream cake.

4. What is on your bedside table?
There's always a teacup there because I am terrible at putting it away, but i have peppermint tea before bed in the evenings. a rollingstone magazine & a candle.

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand?
Popcorn, love that shit.

6. Do you have a garden? What’s growing?
a garden of dirty clothes that need to be watered washed

7. Any summer plans?
traveling, learning new things about me, and my background.

8. Which celebrity couple(s) are you rooting for?
Ok, I know they aren't together, but they should be, zac efron & Vanessa hudgens, they were cute together, I want them back there.

I'm still routin for Chris Robinson & Kate Hudson- 2 more who aren't together, I think it's because I think she is like her character in almost famous in real life - I'm sure I'm wrong lol

The Game & Tiffany of marrying the game

9. What’s the last thing you bought?
White shoes

10. What’s one thing you are passionate about?
My native side & Fate

11. What are you grateful for this week?
A job but also a break from a job

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