Friday, July 18, 2014

it really IS the little things

I couldn't be more glad it's Friday. This week has been absolutely crazy. There really is no better way to describe situations going on in any other word. I bring a lot of true feelings and honesty in this blog, but this one I'm going to swallow down and sit on it until the sun rises and it's a better day, week, month, year.  There are some situations I've come to realize that I will never fully understand. There are some situations that I wish I could wrap my head around and just make it all better. This situation is both.

Moving on... I'll tell you the positive of this week.

I exercised. With stress, comes exercise. Some ppl cope with talking it out. I don't really talk about my feelings, I state the situation to my closest two friends that know me well enough to not ask questions but instead lend an open ear. After I tell them what's going on, I go back to shutting down, so I just work out. To you two, I love you both, like a bunch. I often wonder what I did before meeting you, but I know, it was just not talk about things at all. You two have grown with me in this friendship, and I've grown personally from having this friendship with you. Thank you!

Shoba hates when I lift weights, he thinks it's boring to watch.

Snowcone lunch break! Waited outside of the snowcone store for it to open, doesn't every 29 year old do this?

Luke time on Thursday. Luke & I have a weird summer schedule, we are both always so busy, so our time together is few & far between. Last night we hung out though, we went to the movies! We watched how to train your dragon 2 and then tried our hand in the claw machine in the arcade. Luke calls himself "the claw master" and he backs it up pretty well. He won an iPod speaker!!!! You would have thought we won the lottery, the way we were jumping up & down.

Cupcakes! I felt like I needed one yesterday, so I had one for lunch. Emotional roller coaster food, feeling down, exercise, feeling crazy & down, eat a cupcake. Cupcakes solve problems, yet they create them too. Worth it to me though! I also ate a shit load of mexican candy suckers this week, my favorite! - apparently had to do a selfie to prove it, you wouldn't have believed me if I hadn't taken one?!?
I also got some really good cuddles out of Shoba this week. I will always believe that dogs are able to sense emotions within humans better than any other human... or animal? I don't know what I'm talking about, but I believe whatever I'm saying, or trying to say. I'm telling you people, my mind is all over the place this week. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. LOLing at Shoba. Really wanting a snowcone and wishing we could go out for dinner. Love you bunches. Have the best weekend and stay busy!