Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Look who's 30 - better you than me ;)

Happy Birthday Amanda! You are such an amazing person inside & out, I laugh harder with you than a lot of people and I'm so lucky to call you a friend! Cheers to you!

This weekend was spent celebrating the lovely lady and it was awesome! I haven't had that much fun in years! We left Norman around 8:45 Saturday morning and the drive was full of lots of laughs with Hailey & Amanda! Hailey was the pee'r of the group, I just resorted to calling her Will since she talked about stopping so much haha! Those girls are so much fun though, we talked about everything! Once we made it to Dallas, we stopped for a few mimosa's and a snack at Breadwinners before the festivities began. ReAnne & Ashley showed up within 15 minutes of us being there and we all sweat to death on the patio while eating brunch/lunch/only meal of the day. Patio sacrifices, lots of sweat but drinks and laughter make it all worth it.

We got to our hotel and lucky us, we were upgraded to a bungalow because they overbooked that day. I can't describe how nice this place was. Only one of our rooms was ready at the time so we loaded our mini fridge and had a few drinks before heading to the smallest pool on the planet. Part of our upgrade was $100 food & beverage vouchers, so we all split a pitcher or skinnyritas & then strawberry mojitos once we were at the pool. We eventually pee'd that pool out and then headed back to the bungalow. By the time we were back, the connecting room to our bungalow was ready for us. Talk about crazy nice, we were seriously in hotel heaven. If you ever wonder what will get 5 girls jacked up, put in a motha-fuckin' bungalow and they will go bananas. We played games on the porch of our bungalow that ReAnne made up about Amanda! - This is probably when we should have breaked for some food, but, yeah, we didn't... Michele showed up around 8 and we all got dressed to go out on the town! We made it to Kung Fu for a birthday shot, left without one phone and 5 very tipsy toe'd girls. Our group dwindled down to 3 by the end of the night, I woke up with greasy pizza stains on my shirt and ranch dressing all over my purse which was my indication that the night was pretty epic.





Kindergarten besties <3 p="">


I prob ate 5 out of 6 of these cupcakes!

We made a stop at Fuzzy's for some tacos on the way home, so bomb. Once I dropped Amanda off, I met up with Paris & K and we went to KC's house to give her & Sadie their shower gifts! (Say that 5 times fast) We hung out for a little bit and talked running. I got home around 5 and Wills took me on a hot date on the motorcycle to eat italian, the weather was perfect for a ride and the food was amazing, that man is so good to me!

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  1. She makes 30 look great! That bungalow- holy cow! Beautiful, Oh and, there was a TON of booze in that mini fridge for 5 girls. HAHAH. Good times I'm sure.