Tuesday, July 22, 2014

River 2014

This weekend was nice. Very chill on Friday night, low key on the patio with a quick trip to Louies too right down the road. We all stayed up too late, but it was worth it. Smiling & laughing with friends is always worth it.

new cut off shirt that I wore all weekend long, new fave, so comfy

Patio was full of romance Friday night ;)
Saturday, we woke up later than expected, managed to get on the road even later, and to the river even later. But once we got there, our big NICE group had waited on us - thanks guys! - and then we were floating in no time. We had a good time but we were ready to be off the river by the time it was time to get off. The guys all made a crap load of tacos back at the campsite and we all set around the fire and listened to music the rest of the night.

How Wills & I know we are going the right way when we are heading to the river
Trying to get in the raft, all while I'm just trying to take a selfie...

Blurry, just like our memories after this night

Sunday Will & I were ready to be home with Shoba. I'm telling you, we can't be away from him more than a day. It's just too much. We cuddled and watched The Devil's Knot that afternoon. I never get Wills to just relax so it's nice when he actually does. Of course, after watching the movie, I've spent a lot of time reading up on this story, pretty interesting stuff.

p.s. Happy birthday to two very special people Alana & David, hope your day was kick ass! Love you both, much much lots much!

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