Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The difference

between a dorm girl & a non-dorm girl while going through college:

the availibility of drinks in a fridge

descriptions of going out on the town


the opinion of why it is or isn't important to get married to someone...

Oh the things my sister and I discuss in our down time, we are so different! But then sometimes not at all, we just blamed it on hashtag dormgirl or hashtag nondormgirl last night. Regardless, at least both types are capable of a sense of humor & enjoy mangoritas. Love you sis!

Meanwhile, my niece & I spent time putting on temporary tattoos & facetiming people last night! Hashtag that shit as BFF LIFE ;)

And to think... parents tell their children not to use their cell phones while driving!?
My pops just decides to facetime us... yep he's safe!

She loves her uncle Wills

Have you seen a cuter baby doing a breathing treatment? Yeah, didn't figure so!


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