Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Ten

1 - Thank Jesus our snack box has oatmeal to go in it, otherwise, I'd miss breakfast the past two days

2 - Recover mode is where I'm at this week. Dead tired, but can't stop thinking about little things here and there that make me want to go back to this past weekend or all of last week

3 - Excited to cook for my niece and Chandra tonight, learned some legit Mexican food recipes while in New Mexico

4 - Arctic Monkeys are my current favorite right now

5 - Nervous about my baby B having surgery this week, love my girl

6 - Really burnt out on running and really more into mountain biking these days, too bad I paid to run a marathon, I think I'll give a it a little rest after Chicago for sure.

7 - Gold jewelry all over the place at my house and on my wrists

8 - Need to get an oil change

9 - Almost lost my pet baby dinosaur in my car yesterday, weird. Aquarium water and crap all over the place, I gagged, car needs a detail now

10 - Nappin with Shoba makes my heart happy

p.s. I will update y'all about my vacation & 4th, it was SO good, but there's just so much information and I want to write it out thoroughly so that when I look back later I can reminisce with lots of smiles & laughs!

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