Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vacation 2014 Part 1

Day 1 - Our goal was to the leave the house by 7:30,  and that we were able to accomplish! Thanks to Wills who stayed home the night before so that I could go to OKC Fest with Bob & Alana! We had a great time, and then I hear Bob & I fell asleep in the car before finally stumbling in the house. But hey, I made sure I'd be there the next morning. The drive wasn't bad - clearly, I wasn't the driver. Wills made the road trip pretty painless really. He let me pick the music, stopped when I had to pee and was in a good mood because we were vacationing. We stopped in Amarillo to see Charlie, it's been months since we have seen him and he has been sober for a while, proud of that guy! It was so nice catching up with him. By the way, we met at Red Robin, did you know that Red Robin is pet friendly? I discovered the website bring fido , that I would recommend to anyone wanting to travel with their dog, it made finding places to eat & visit very simple. We wanted Shoba to get the full vacationing experience. We love him so much, and he was so good the entire trip. And the recommendations you get from the website aren't crappy recommendations, most places had an awesome wait staff and who doesn't love sitting on a patio? We arrived in Santa Fe on schedule, our first stop was supposed to be to set up camp, however, I let Wills talk me into going to the plaza. Note to self: always stick to your more logical plan. We shopped a little, walked around and then had our first new mexican style meal at a place called Casa Chimayo. It was so nice to be relaxing and Shoba enjoyed the cool patio environment. After our dinner, we walked around a little more before I could convince Will that we needed to find our campsite before it got dark. Here's the part that reminded me of why we should've stuck to the original plan. The campsite we had researched, turned out to be an R.V. park w/tent camping available. We didn't feel like this was a "real" camping experience so we drove up to the mountains. After 2 hours of driving and a very tired me, we were back at the RV park. haha. It's funny now, but it wasn't that night, I was crazy.We agreed that we would have better campsite luck the next day since it would be a Sunday rather than a weekend night.
Still a lil tipsy, but super excited to be on the road with my boys! #iwokeuplikethis

Bring fido.com best. thing. ever


Cheers to making it to our first destination
Day 2: The great thing about camping is that you are never able to oversleep, no day is wasted. Wills woke up around 6:45 and I'm pretty sure the entire campsite full of RV's woke up with him. He was banging around! You know, I've lived with this guy for a few years now and it's funny that he forgets what a non-morning person I am. I love mornings don't get me wrong. I just don't enjoy talking until after I've had about 30 minutes to wake up, you know, breakfast & coffee, then, that's when we can conversate. We went to Iconik Coffee  house, talked to a couple of locals, then headed to the plaza to look at the local artist jewelry. We found some really great things, we had a fajitas & popcorn from street vendors, then headed towards Taos that afternoon. We made it to Taos, and I fell in a deep love with this place. The town is filled with laid back hippies & ndns. I wanted to move there from the second we arrived. We learned from our mistake the night before and went straight to the mountains to set up camp. We found, hands down, the perfect campsite. Lots of shad for Shoba, a babbling brook, a hiking trail on one side, very secluded, and get this, we were the only one camping in the entire campsite. So perfect! We went into town and got food to cook that evening. We picked up some beer, wine and of course fireball, and then we headed back to the mountains. That night couldn't have been more perfect. I decided to go to bed around midnight, we would be getting up the next morning for rafting & biking so I knew I would need the sleep. Wills thought differently, he stayed up with fireball and the fire. Give that man a fire, a cold one & music and he'll be just finnnnne. The funny about this story is that the next morning he swore to me that he & Shoba hung out all night, this couldn't be further from the truth, because Shoba had went to bed with me. Wonder what wolf he stayed up with? ;) 

Hangin' in Santa Fe Plaza

Taos setup

such a handy man

Why so serious?

markin' our territory
Day 3: I was up super early & ready to go rafting. We stopped by a local coffee shop in Taos ran by an old hippie guy. As soon as I walked in, I knew this guy was not in a hurry. Wills didn't pick up on this, and he put in a breakfast order rather than getting a bagel. As I set there loaning a local guy a smoke and laughing with him, Will was getting unpatient & flustered. The local called Will a strange guy & questioned how a girl like me could be so laid back dating him. I reminded him that opposites attract. A quick coffee run resulted in rushing to get from point A to B to C, etc. We were in a hurry the entire morning, we had planned to drop Shoba off at 10,000 Wags for the day while we river rafted & biked. The people there are great and they took good care of him, however, he hated us for leaving him. We rafted with Cottam's Rafting Company , the staff were our age and really cool people. They even waited on us to arrive so we wouldn't have to pay the reschedule fee. We ended up getting on a raft with another couple from Oklahoma, and just down the road in Norman, what are the chances? They were fun ppl! They were shocked we were camping while on vacation, meh, we love camping people! It's what we do. We had to practice survival skills on the raft, and it was pretty hilarious, I got "real close" with the guy from Norman to say at the least. Nothing says close like being on top of someone of the opposite sex with your boobies in his face.... errrrr, oops. Regardless, thanks for saving my life?!? After our rafting extravaganza, we decided when we go back in the future, we will try out the box, the more intense river rafting. We headed towards the bike trails next. This would be the second adventure where Wills decided it would be better to wing it, instead of listening to my worthy opinion... After a small wasted road trip to the mountains, we worked our way back towards the direction I had mentioned. We got out on the trail and it was frickin' hard as hell. You forget about altitude... but soon remember once riding in the mountains. It was all worth it, even though it didn't feel that way. We felt like death! The views were gorgeous. We saw views of the gorge that you don't just see from the road. After our long hot ride, we shopped the artists that were selling their stuff close to Gorge Bridge. We got cold treats after shopping but before we went to pick Shoba up. As I said, he was not happy we left him, but warmed back up to us when I shared my snowcone with him. Instead of going straight to the mountains that evening, we felt that we were deserving of a happy hour. We had such a good time taking shots, sharing margaritas and munching on apps. We then went a little intoxicated shopping crazy. We purchased a bunch of things we were proud of. We went back to the campsite later that night and hung out for a little bit by the fire. 

I know this photo is illegal, but I do intend on buying it, just not right now!


If you look closely, you'll see the bighorn sheep we saw in the mountains on our bike ride!He blends in! It's almost like a where's waldo photo!

Not so mad at us anymore

Happy Hour

ndn + mexican & his beer + music and fire = GOOD time


Shoba loved to pop up while we were in the mountains, free new smells & sights!

Day 4: We slept in a little on this day and not on purpose. We stopped by a place called Gutiz for brunch, they had the best mint lemonade and food, maybe the entire trip. Delicious! There was a crazy lady who was trying to tell me that my dog needed more shade and water, I kindly thanked her for her unwanted opinion with a "thankyou" and bitchy look. It shut her up. I promise you people, if I felt at all that I was torturing my dog in any way, then I'd do him and I a favor and give him away. But I love that damn diva dog more than a lot of things so take my advice and keep your lousy opinion to yourself. Will and I saw some crappy dog owners while on this trip and we realized we are not those kind of owners. After our brunch, we stopped at a couple of shops, I talked skinwalker  with a local before leaving Taos. We finally started our trip to Albuquerque around noon. We had planned to see a couple of our family members that evening. We met up with Will's cousins Patrick & Rachel. Really cool couple. We thank them for letting us stay the night at their place and showing us around Los Lunas. Patrick is restoring a 68 Corvette, and he took us to the bodyshop to check it out. This is no Auto Craft that's for sure, but it was pretty cool to see what another bodyshop was like in comparison. After that, we met up with my cousin Tristan & Kate for dinner & drinks at Zacatecas Tacos & Tequila. Place was bomb. We were pretty tired so we only had one beer after at a local pub and then headed back to Los Lunas. We slept really good that night on a real bed. Rachel & Patrick sent us on our way after cooking tamales for breakfast & hooking us up with red & green chiles. 

Already whippin' up new things in the kitchen!
Day 5: We headed to Ramah, NM, for all my readers, do not go to Ramah expecting a lot to see, well, don't. We did, however, go to the wolf sanctuary while we were there. It was really cool to see all the different types of wolves and learn a little more about our pup. The staff there watched Shoba while we toured the place. We set up camp that evening in Ramah, and I am not lying when I say there was nothing to do there. We went on a walk, I did a leg workout and I even drew a picture because I was just that bored. I was ready to go home that night. Ramah has no phone service, a burn ban and one store. Will & bonded over pointless conversation in the tent though, so I guess it wasn't that horrible.

This is an artic wolf, which is what Shoba's mom is! So gorgeous!

Oldest wolf on the rez

Romeo the fox

Sweet new socks

Ramah setup

Shoba couldn't have been a better road dog! So lucky to have such a well behaved pup, we feel like he was happy we didn't leave him back in Oklahoma! Couldn't imagine not bringing him! He's a cultured dog : )

Day 6: We made our way slowly back to Oklahoma. We stopped in Albuquerque for a few patio buys and breakfast at a really amazing place called Gold Street Caffe . We were sad to leave New Mexico but ready to see our friends back in Oklahoma & spend some much needed friend & lake time! We discussed our favorite parts of the trip and planned our next trip back. We are thinking about Labor day weekend! We love you New Mexico & we plan to visit again before the end of Summer!

Dear Wills,
Thank you... for liking this kind of stuff with me. Thank you for loving the outdoors as much me, thank you loving cooking out as much I do, thank you for making camping life easy. Being in the outdoors with you is one of my favorite things. Vacation was pretty perfect!

 I'll post on part 2 of our vacation soon which will include more of our vacation pictures, we took a ton & I couldn't get our laptop to upload them properly. I'll also post part more about the last part of our vacation which was 4th of July weekend, we had such a fun time celebrating America with our friends at the lake!


  1. Great recap. We need one of those Ion speaker things for sure! How hot was it while yall were there? was it comfortable temps?