Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY Beaded Sunnys

Happy Thursday friends ! This week I've been finishing up a pair of DIY sunglasses that I made Wills little sister for her bday! (Thanks for the idea Michele!) The first pair were tricky and it took me forever to bead them, but once I knew what worked best it went smoothly! They do require some patience, but they are super cute! I might be patting my own back though, since I am the one who made them haha.


*Beading wire or the longer beading needles - I ended up using the longer needles and smaller needles once I got the hang of how it worked

*Seed Beads - the smaller the size the better and try to get them all the same size. If you don't it looks a little funky on the sunglasses. I choose gold, dark blue, white, red & turquoise. Just picked up some yellow on my lunch break too!

* Cheap Sunglasses - I got mine from Dustee's in Moore. I chose black! But they have a big selection of all colors.

* Crazy Glue Pin

* Lisa Pavelka Magic Gloss - this is the BEST! This is where I got stuck on the first pair I made, I couldn't seem to figure out what would work as a gloss & glue as a top layer. It's like $9.99 (if you don't use your hob lob coupon) but it works better than anything else I tried.

Find a beaded or aztec-y pattern you like to determine what your final product will turn out like. I then just started beading the needles, glued a strip of crazy glue on the sunglasses, placed the beads on the glue (still on the needle by the way), held the beads in place by holding each side of the needle for 25 seconds. Once I finished beading the sunglasses, I got my magic gloss out and dropped a line down the beads. I used a tooth pick to even the top gloss layer out. Let the glasses dry for 24 hours and then crossed my fingers that Wills sister would like them!

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