Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend summer lovin'

Friday night babertz made it home around 8, we opted to order pizza - bye diet bye!  I went to sleep almost as soon as I got in bed, I don't sleep well when Wills is gone so usually the first night he's back home I sleep hard. Sometimes Friday nights are good when you just stay in and relax.

Saturday morning we were up around 7:30, I'm pretty sure Wills honey-do list never ended. Poor guy. Thanks though! : ) He got up and starting mowing while I cleaned the house, so domisticated and shit. I jumped on the bike for a while and got my exercise in. We then decided it would be fun to have some of our friends over for lawn games & patio time. We decided to make our own Beersbee, what a good decision because we love that game. We also put up some string lights in the back yard, we pretty much love them. Our friends came over and we played beersbee and then hung out singing on the patio. We ended the nights with lots of laughs while playing catch phrase. Such a fun time, I love our friends!

Sunday we slept in a little then headed up to H & H Shooting Range to shoot guns with Will's grandpa. So nervous/fun the entire time. I'm proud to say I'm getting more comfortable with our gun and have now moved on to wanting my very own. After shooting, we took a little nap then Wills took me to dinner before heading over to my brothers place. We helped Sammy get a lot of things moved from his old apartment to his new place in Newcastle. His location is on point, so nice & secluded out in the country. I'm really excited about his new job and new home, I think he's gonne love it all!

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