Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Funness

Friday, the Fernandez crew went to the Offspring concert. They played their smash album and it was pretty good stuff. We went to a dive played some foosball after and then hung out on the patio & had ice cream cake to celebrate Chelsea's bday.

Saturday, we all got up & had breakfast with Alana before she went to work a concert. We then headed to our friend Bryan's pool in Edmond. He was visiting from China and we had to spend some time with the guy. His parents place is absolutely gorgeous! His dad made us pulled pork tacos and they were delicious!

That evening we went to the Caliber for Team Marshley's Wedding ! It was a really great wedding, and the bride was absolutely stunning! Amanda & I were pretty obsessed with her! We spent the night in Edmond that evening after hanging out with our friends!

Sunday we had lunch with our friends and pretty much hung out with Shoba the rest of the day. We watched The Passengers and then the VMA's, fun weekend, but crazy busy!

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