Monday, August 18, 2014

Yard Sale, Wedding reception & Birthday Shoutouts

Friday night Wills  & I loaded up a load of "treasures" - crap and headed to Kevin & Amanda's house. We all decided to go to Louies for a drink or two after eating at Jimmy Johns. One drink turned into a few drinks and before we knew it last call came and we had to get back to the house so we could take a cat nap before the yard sale started.

Saturday I woke up surprisingly right at 6:00 and got straight to work. I stopped by Starbucks and offered Wills a coffee and realized quick he was too grumpy to want a coffee. The yardsale was a success and a lot of fun. It was fun to laugh with the other girls and get rid of some of our junk.

Saturday evening we headed to Piedmont to celebrate one of our friends who recently got married! The Shaw's had an amazing set up in their backyard with a group of the couple's closest friends. We had the best ceviche, red wine and fun conversation with the group. I won a kegstand contest by drinking beer for 27 seconds, I was so proud, and now I laugh at the thought that I wanted to win so bad! Anyway, we were happy to be included in such a special event with two people. We wish you guys many years of happiness!


The groomy!

Homemade romper so that I could win that contest

Absolutely love this girl, met her at OU/TX last year and we became fast best friends!
Sunday, we headed to mama's house for lunch. Me & Alana helped mama fix her computer, and it took us pretty much forever, it was funny. After we left their place we took Shoba to the dog park. He was worn out within 20 minutes, little stinker. We then went home and had chinese take out and watched law & order.

Tonight we are taking Mr. Steven Johnson out for a birthday cocktail & maybe some dinner. Our crazy friend is the big 3-0. Tomorrow will be Chelsea's birthday and we can't wait to celebrate over the weekend with an Offspring concert and a trip to  White Water! Summer be so busy, but so much fun!!!

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