Tuesday, September 9, 2014

10 things I want to say to ten different ppl

1) To my sister: you amaze me in so many ways.

2) To my papa: I wish you were my neighbor!

3) To my boss: can I leave early this Friday?

4) To Shoba: you better not being digging up the yard

5) To J sex: I miss our H town days

6) To an old friend : I'm sorry we aren't close anymore

7) To the Sooners: Boomer

8) To Dad: you need a vacation!

9) To Sadie & BK : You two make me so proud

10) To Candice: check your mail this week


  1. OMG HAHAH. you slipped that one in there! I'm so excited!! Can I copy your blog challenge?

  2. stop being so polite these days and asking for invites and permission, you know I don't care ever and you are family so you can do no wrong in my eyes ; )