Saturday, September 13, 2014

6 things I wish I'd never done

(continued from my 10 day blogging challenge )

- started shopping ha, because I mean sometimes I just buy stuff to be buying stuff
- made myself vom after I ate when I was younger, aka become bulimic when I was 15, obviously I'm not anymore but I was definitely having a rough time during that time and developed a horrible eating disorder that I regret.
- moved in with one of my exes
- left my mom's side when she was in the hospital when she was dying, it's all justgetting blurry to me now. I remember being there everyday but I can't remember being in her room beside her as much as I would've liked.
- started popping my neck, it seems to be a bad habit these days
- I wish I never took breaks in between working out and running, because everytime I do I can feel it and it sucks. When "they" say the struggle is real, this has got to be what "they" are talking about

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