Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9 things about myself

(continued from my 10 day blogging challenge )

1 I am always looking for good travel deals & destinations

2 I have a thing with names. i.e. If your name is Jeff you are a genuinely nice guy, if your name is Sam you have a good sense of humor, if your name is Brittany (in any form) you can be a little nuts, but you are still fun ;)

3 I really believe that your instinct is always right and that people should trust their gut feeling more often in situations

4 I don't drink pop often, I've gotten so used to drinking water that my throat literally burns when I take a sip of a soda

5 I can't keep my nails painted for more than 24 hours, and often times not even that long

6 I'm a very lite sleeper

7 I hate losing in competitions... it can be anything, monopoly, bowling, skee ball, foosball, I just like winning!!!

8 I'm like Oprah when it comes to losing weight, yo-yo'r

9 frozen pickle juice is one of my favorite things as of late

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