Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chicago Friends, Gameday & Labor Day Fun

Friday night I don't think I could've been more ready to be off of work. My chicago friends were in town and throughout the day I was anxious to see them. That evening I was thinking maybe we'd get out since I scrubbed all my floors in the house, but that didn't happen, and that's ok, I mean at least it lasted like 8 hours or something. haha! Will & I flirted with playing beersbee and practiced a little, it's hard to play with 2 people. Eric made his way over as well as Sam, Biff & Dave, we all hung out with Shoba on his patio that night. David & Will were annoying so I went to bed, love ya though!

Saturday morning I was woken up by my Chicago bestie, Candice. I hate being woken up, but I wasn't even mad. She, Sutton & KC were hanging out with me in our room. Sutton is such a cutie, watchin' tartoons & playing with toys. KC picked out a dress to wear to our friends wedding, that we didn't attend, and she looked absolutely gorgeous! Wills & I headed to campus around three in the afternoon. It was disgusting hot, I got dehydrated walking all over the place. I'm pretty sure Will didn't believe me at first, but then he definitely did. Sometimes I just overheat like that and it pretty much sucks. We stopped by Will's co-workers tailgate and hung out with some good ole boys, they were really southern & funny. We made our way over to our friends tailgate and hung out with them before the game. We watched the game at Logies - I feel stupid saying/writing Logies, it sounds ding dongish.  We left around half time & went to the Mont for some food! We then stopped by Louie's to hang with our group of friends before walking to our "weekend" house (aka Kevin & Amanda's) for more fun. I pretty much got there, talked about the glass stuck inside my foot then fell asleep.

Sunday, we woke up and went to eat with Kevin & Amanda at Tarahumara's, so good. We parted ways and went home and napped with Shoba. Shoba was still tired from staying up with David & Will Friday night. Will & I decided to jump on the motorcycle to check out the Arts Festival @ OCCC that evening. We had gyros and picked up a small print of an Oklahoma themed art piece. We got in touch with our friends to meet up. We decided to go bowling, which I was happy about because I love bowling. I just love games, I can't help it! After bowling, we headed to Pub W for moscow mules.

Best smoothie ever!

All I do is win win win ;)

Monday, Labor day, Will and I allowed ourselves to sleep in. We got up and decided we wanted to head to Lake Thunderbird for a picnic & some hiking trails. Shoba was so excited when we grabbed his leash, he knew he was going somewhere and it was so cute. We picked up Rudy's bbq and we were on our way to the lake. We had fun hiking the trails, letting Shoba swim and laughing at the grumpiest old man who was fishing. I think it's weird that ppl enjoy chillin in that red lake water, it kind of grosses me out haha.  That evening, we went to a Labor day cookout at my bosses house and ate the best food EVER!

Sometimes I wonder how cool it would be to not be so clumsy, because then that would mean not running into things and falling and bruising myself up all the time....

We are usually at the lake for Labor day weekend, but it was nice to stick around here and have fun with our friends! We have the best friends!

Also, Happy Birthday Sadie Kuykendall! Hoping you and momma are enjoying your first meet & greet! So excited for Chad, KC & Sutton! Sadie, you are just gonna love your family!

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