Monday, September 8, 2014

Dog Parkin', Rainy sleepy day & Sunday Funday

My weekend started out with taking Jax (Luke's dog) & Luke to the dog park. There were tons of dogs there, nothing like on Sundays when we take Shoba. Jax loved it there. But can I just say... IF you have a dog that is either the size of a puppy, or IS a puppy, don't bring your dog to the "big kid" side!!! It's super annoying, and even more annoying when your dog is being a pest and then when other (bigger) dogs react to your small dog, don't get all up in the big dog owners business blaiming the big dog. This is why they have separate sides.... Anyway, after that we went to jamba juice, we had to waste some time while Katy & Jesse showed the house. By the way, if you are in the market for a new place, I absolutely love their home. It's 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, huge den, laundry room, 2 car garage and a big back yard. If we were looking more seriously, I'd be putting an offer in for it.

Friday evening, I headed out to Paris and Jacob's house. I wanted to give K all her gifts, see the land they just closed on and just spend some time out in the country. I love going out there even though I don't go enough. It reminds me of home and Jacob is as southern as they get, and I love that. They just closed on 40 acres of land in the Lexington/Purcell area and it's absolutely gorgeous. They have so much land!!! They will have enough room for a big house & big backyard, they have a fishing pond, they will run cattle on one side of the land, Jacob is going to clear out a running trail for Paris (& me) and he also has woods to hunt on. Talk about awesome, that would be the life! I'm so happy for them and can't wait to wear out my welcome on their patio & in the guest bedroom. : ) We made plans to run on Saturday morning and I headed home and was asleep by 10:30, I was so tired.

Little K on their new land

Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, the plan was to meet Paris at campus around 6:30, but it was pouring rain in Moore. We opted to either go later in the afteroon due to the rain. However, I was anxious about what I had signed myself up for on Saturday so I had to run out the energy. I headed to the gym around 6:15 and sweat all my anxiety out, showered and then went on a search for dramamine. I had signed up to skydive Saturday mornng, and I was very excited, but I knew I would need dramamine. It took me 3 stores to find the non-drowsy kind. I swallowed it down and met my co-workers to head to our destination. The rain was coming down hard and I'm actually surprised we didn't wreck because of it. I knew there was a slim chance we'd get to go, but we weren't told no yet, so we still showed up. In the meantime, Will had decided he wanted to go, so he was driving in his truck headed our way too. We got there and picked up the hint that we weren't going to jump that day. We did get all of the classes out of the way as well as signing our life (literally) away. We rescheduled for the end of the month so when we go back, we just suit up and jump out of the plane.

We met Eric for lunch at Fuzzy's once we got back in Norman. I was starving and Will made me wait entirely too long so I was a grumpy mcgrumperson. We headed over to Ashley & Marshal's to watch the game after we ate. We hung out with our friends and got in a lot of laughs before heading home where I would fall asleep around 6:00 pm and sleep un til Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, I woke Wills up around 8:15 and took him to breakfast. After breakfast, I got ready for a run. Paris & I met at campus around 10 a.m. and couldn't have asked for better weather. It was absolutely gorgeous out. We got in about three and a half miles and then walked around campus corner after. I got a cute pair of shorts and a shirt at Lucca and then we headed to check out Hurt's Donuts and thank Jesus I'm not a donut person, because I'd probably love that place. Everything looked crazy there, it hurt my tummy to look haha. After that, I went home and kept an eye on the Bears game, who sadly lost in OT. I napped a little, and then got up and Wills decided it was time to take me out on a date. We headed to Bricktown and grabbed a bite at Jazmoz. We headed to Red Dirt Emporium to check out their stuff. We walked out with 2 new tshirts and then stopped by Capt Norm's for one drink. I had a super strong pina colada that made me want to vom on the first two sips so I opted for a water shortly after ordering that. We had a nice little date night in Bricktown and I hope there are many perfect weathered dates in our future.

New Shirt

As of today, welp, it's just your typical Monday, except that I am currently drinking cold coffee and I got to work early, maybe that means it is going to be a good-ish week. Can't wait until the weekend already though!

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