Monday, September 29, 2014

High School Football, 5k Saturday, Brother's Bday & Skydiving

The weekends are consumed with fun these days, which is awesome, but also exhausting and expensive. I figure I'll sleep when I'm dead and you can't put a price on great memories.

Friday night we rushed to Marietta to watch Sadie in their homecoming coronation. We made it in perfect timing, thanks to my boss who let me off a little early. She looked gorgeous and I am always proud of her. She doesn't forget her roots, she's got a well -grounded understanding in the importance in family. She didn't win homecoming queen but it was fun to watch. Kingston killed Marietta...sorry boutcha ;)

He dug out an old baseball hat to wear to the game, cracks me up.

This is my favorite one!

Saturday morning, Jack came over around 7 in the morning. We had been planning to run a 5k race for a month or so. He was nervous, I'm not really ever nervous at these smaller races anymore, but I could tell he had some pre-race jitters. It was cute. I had a feeling he'd beat me so my biggest concern was that I didn't want to jump the gun at the start to try and stay up with him. He beat me by three minutes and sixteen seconds, and has since agreed for more races and even a half marathon. Makes me happy, there's not a greater feeling than being an aunt for me. It's extremely rewarding for me, I love the relationship I have with my neices and nephews, they are all so different and unique in their own ways. 

Me telling him he needs to look at the camera!

Paris finished strong! I love running again, especially with my friends & family.

After race photo.... grossy josie
We also got rid of our dingy rug that we had, and have replaced it with a dead cow... :(


After the race, we made a stop by Hobby Lobby. Sam was wanting to get some pictures to hang on his walls for his new place. We looked for some but just didn't really find what we wanted. I decided I'd make something Sam would like. I had him help me pick out fabric & frame he liked. After hobby lobby we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. We all parted ways, then I put his gift altogether and took it to his house later that evening. We hung out for the night at Sam's place, there was a lot of beesbee, two steppin', golf cartin' and laughing. So fun to celebrate Sammy's 45th. Glad he loved his gift.



My brother's best friend from forever, love that Eddie!

Just hangin' with Bella!

Sunday morning, like always, we were running late to get to our appointment. Our appointment with DEATH... kidding, just skydiving. It was awesome. I wasn't ever nervous about this experience. My only issue with the entire experience were my concerns with my balance and my tendency to get motion sickness from time to time (aka always). It was more of a euphoric experience for me. Will describes his experience more driven by feelings of adrenaline. I absolutely loved it, I took it all in and loved feeling like I was flying. There weren't any screams from me, more of holy crap this is awesome, this is really cool. Will, on the other hand, was screaming really loud. We could hear him from the ground haha.

Been there, done that, checked it off the bucket list! Also, check out my sweet new jacket my boss gave me this morning! Spoiled as heck by the guy!

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