Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's a happenin

Last weekend flew by, they all do though, it's pretty annoying.

Friday after work, I drove to KC's to grab a few dresses that Lexy had opted to let Sadie (my niece) borrow. Sadie found out last week that she was chosen as the sophomore homecoming candidate, so exciting! After picking up dresses, I went straight home and got started on signs for the car she would be riding in for the parade. She wanted to incorporate leopard print some how, this was a task because I wasn't sure how to do it. Luckily the internet helped! I spent a few hours because there was a lot of glitter & gluing involved. I was pretty exhausted after I got finished!

Saturday morning I went to run my first 10k for this running season - for me running season is when it's not deathly hot. But honestly, the weather will never be perfect weather. Shoba finished the run with me and I got third. I wasn't stoked about it, but I like medals so I wanted to wait around and get mine. Not gonna lie, they should have opted to spend a little more on the medal, because it was pretty lame. Wills and I walked around the festival with Chandra & B after that. After walking around, I started to feel crappy, we went to sit in the shade and get a bite to eat at a local restaurant. I started feeling much better after that. Chandra and I went to hobby lobby, and she got a couple of things to make us tshirts for the homecoming game. - funny, Marietta (Sadie's school) is playing Kingston (my hometown school) for homecoming this Friday. We parted ways after that and I went and showered at Alana & Bobby's.

I just saw that someone wrote to make it through all 12 steps... i hope so too for you : )
I thought this was cool to have hanging out in the middle of the street in Ardmore!

Wills, Shoba, Alana & I headed to Kingston that afternoon. We got a little bit of lake time in, where Steven speared a frisbee at me while we were playing beersbee, got the bruises to prove it. Yeah don't worry, I'll get you back buddy! Unfortunately, I also cut my finger catching a can while playing too. Beerbee battle wounds... pffff.

Keif teaching me to swing dance

nope... not drinking at all occifer ;)

A group of us watched the OU game at Paula's that evening, went to the beer garden for one beer and then headed to the beach for bday celebrations after and watched the sun rise early Sunday morning. It's the only place I never regret staying up that late and seeing the sun come up.

Sunday afternoon, Will and I headed out to head back to the city. Will chased me around the Fernandez house with Coca (Alana's cat) because he was acting crazy. I was scared to death, no lie. Anytime a cat acts crazy I'm out. He was trying to fight Shoba & Chaos, and Wills thought it would be funny to have him fight me. Coca was making the worst noises, batting his fist and showing his teeth... yeah I'm out on that crap.

We made a stop at the Bbq pit to have one last chopped bbq sammich since they are officially no longer in business. It was delicious. That evening we went to the fair and had a date night. Wills bought me a pretty new ring and we had a nice little fair date night.

Chaos couldn't wait for the big group to leave on Sunday

Monday, we were all worn out, including Shoba, once I got home he didn't want to leave my side. So we cuddled all evening long.

Me & Shoba gettin ready for the bears game last night...

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  1. YAY Sadie!!! I was never cool enough for homecoming royalty!!! Pretty signage too JK.