Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A best friend is someone who lifts you up when you are falling

What a crazy last couple of weeks it's been. My William has been so great through it all. I've been dealing with a couple of funny/crazy things and then another more personal dear to my heart type of situation that kind of just hit home on some different areas in my life. Through it all, Will has been super understanding, watched me cry about things that I cannot change, and supportive about the things I'm trying to change at the same time. Not to make him sound like an even more legit boyfriend, but to totally do just that at the same time. While I'm tootin' his horn, let me go ahead and lay down on the horn and brag a bit. He went out of his way to book a flight for me for the weekend to get away and clear my head. Yeah, so, he's pretty perfect.

Thursday right after work, KC met me at the house and took me to the airport. Thank you again KC, you have been pretty great too lately ;)  I felt anxiety all day long Thursday, when I got to the airport, I immediately placed my headphones inside my ears and began writing. I felt lumps in my throat here and there but would swallow them down and change the song to a more upbeat song. I knew what was happening, I just didn't want to think about it. I focused on what I was writing, I listened to my music throughout the flight, and then on the second flight listened to a child sing the abc's loudly about a bajillion times. I got into San Antonio around 10:45 and Will drove me back to our hotel which was located right on the river walk. It's kind of funny how certain things & places trigger memories of my mom. This is where my anxiety kicked in again, this time it was a little harder to swallow the lump in my throat down, but thank God for my security blanket of a boyfriend. The last time I went to the riverwalk was when she was still alive. I don't generally like going back to places that my last memory was with her, I think I've always felt like I wanted that to be and stay my memory, our memory, that place, that time, with her. But that's not really fair. So I agreed to spending time with Will there, even though it was a bittersweet subject. And I'm glad I went. Will and I made great new memories together, some our own, some that I had with my mom but experienced again with him. To me, that's personal progress, that's me addressing a subject that I usually just hide in a special place inside a box and put it on a top shelf and let collect dust. I'm not great at addressing things that feel like salt in a wound or give me the uncomfortable lump in my throat that you know is just a warning sign, and if you don't take care of that lump the next thing that happens will be tears welping up in your eyes. So I think for me, this is progress, because this meant I am a little stronger, I was actually to a point where I was ready. So yeah, it's taken 13 years to begin making emotional progress, but hey, better late than never.


This tree was HUGE
I was pretty much starving once I got there, we were in search for food, but after realizing everyone had stopped serving food, I settled for a package of sea salt chips, a package of oreos and some live music. The live music was rather entertaining. We witnessed the lead singer do covers of everything from Prince to Bon Jovi to Los Del Mar. He was able to achieve the sound of each artists almost identically. We put in our request that night of course (he went with Petty). We also watched the dude call out a guy trying to pick a fight over the microphone by making the security throw the tough guy out. We walked home (hotel) where I ended up watching virtually the entire Beyonce/Jay Z tour on television.


Just a long day of work with my oil man, Chemoil should pay me for free advertisement.

We slept in late on Friday morning, Will hadn't intended to do so, so that's how I realized he too, sleeps better, when I'm around. ;) We got up and around by lunch time and were in search of ceviche. Will's co-worker pointed us in the right direction to a place called 210 Ceviche , which was absolutely delicious. We will be back for sure!

We decided we wanted to check out Market Square on our way back to our hotel. We stuck around there window shopping for about 5 hours. Very cool place with tons of stuff to look at and want. We headed back to the hotel, where I ended up doing some writing and Will worked on a couple of things for his job.

Oh hey thanks chick who took this photo, you know, for the no count down, only one picture, you know I'm not looking ... jerk!

Howl at the moon selfie

Once the evening came around, we got ready to go have a nice dinner on the riverwalk. We decided since we weren't hungry yet, we'd check out The Alamo , because who goes to San Antonio & doesn't visit the Alamo? We walked around for a while trying to decide if we wanted to go to Ripley's Believe it or Not, some mirror maze or a wax museum. After walking by a haunted house that seemed like it could be the scariest haunted house in all existence, I opted to hold out on any decisions. I kid you not, it was scary. Will agreed that he was creeped out by how scary it seemed. I've never seen a real life zombie (?), I'm not even lying when I say that I questioned if the walker we saw was real or make believe when it limped by. Oh and don't even get me started on the clown on stilts that bent down and opened his umbrella in my face. There was also another creepy it-like clown that you had to purchase your entry ticket from. I was SO out on all that, I was out of ideas, I was out of words, I was literally going out of my mind with how freaked out I was. Sooooooo, what we ended up doing was eating, why? Because eating makes everything better, duh!  *Note to self: Know where you are going, if not, you will walk up and down that place looking for the specific spot and never find it, once you have found it you will be starved. We had some yummy italian at Paesano's  and landed a table right on the river. Will and I shared a bottle of red wine to calm my (our) nerves from the haunted freaks and enjoyed the remix techno beats of some dj at Havana Ultra Lounge. It was pretty funny to watch all the other couples attempting to enjoy their meals yet be just as distracted by the music too. However, we made it fun by throwing in some dance moves here and there and laughed with people walking by of how loud this club was. We were feeling "froggy" as Will puts it, so we decided we would check out Howl at the Moon a dueling piano bar. It was SO much fun! Definitely blows Bricktown's piano bar out of the water. Each member of the band was able to sing and play instruments, talented bunch! We ended up leaving later than planned but it was well worth it, I mean I ended up sitting at a table that some bachelorette left her tshirt at, so a new running tee made it worth it.

You can totally tell we were still hurting in this photo.
*Note the baggy eyes, the way we are leaning on each other, yeah, not a good look for us.

This drink went unfinished, but got us out of our slump of a hangover.


The Kings Throne in the cave. Imagine a chandelier hanging above a kings throne... don't see it?
Well, then you need to grow yourself an imagination.
Let me guess, you never see cloud animals either?!?

Literally used to beg my mom to buy me these rocks as well as the type of rocks in the photo below. Now that I can afford my own rocks I don't want them... I get it now mom! ;)

Selfie with a three grand crystal background

Saturday morning, we got up and had coffee while trying to decide how we wanted to spend our day. We decided to grab lunch before heading anywhere at Rita's on the river. We were a little headachy from the night before, so we decided on ordering an ole hair of the dog drink before anything. Once, we felt better we were back to trying to decided what to do that day. I had always thought I'd want to go back to Seaworld, but then after watching Blackfish, I opted out of that idea. We decided to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns , which the last time I went here, I'm pretty sure I was with my mom too. It's gotten a lot bigger than I remember it being. Still neat, of course, you may not enjoy something like this unless you are equally as nerdy as Will and I are/can be at times. It was our very first cave date. Buncha nerds I tell ya, hince the fact that I have a blog. And that he thoroughly enjoys reading my pointless information that occupies it ;).

Once we left the caverns, we decided to head on over to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch , I tell ya, these natural bridge people really succeeded in this tourist trap. I feel in love with more wild animals, imagine that. I now would like to own the following animals: a white handed gibbons, a donkey, baby giraffe, a goat, a few coy fish, and a buffalo. That's all for now though ;), that's not too much to ask right? This place was great, it was so nice and clean and it was on so much land that the animals didn't seem to be trapped without free land to roam on. Sorry Arbuckle Wilderness, but Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch wins this competition.

I'm super partial to Buffalo, so I saw one standing out in a field and I called it over.
I like to think it's my native american skill, because I was able to call it all the way over to
our truck and snap a selfie with the big guy!


Bye Felicia

We really liked the donkeys, you know I was talking in my shrek voice to this guy too

So, on this trip, I found out Will is NOT a fan of ostriches



Selfie opps all over the place

Seriously have you seen a cuter brother fight?

We got back to the room, where Will was almost down for the count, but I refused to let him rest. I love traveling, which means I go non stop once I'm in a place I haven't been before. It's my inner gypsy coming out wanting to experience as much as possible when I am somewhere that isn't home. So I basically made him get ready and made it clear there would be no napping. I had tried talking him into a ghost tour, which I knew the chances of that happening were slim, but I love to think every place is haunted by spirits. I just didn't let up on my idea of taking no naps.   So instead of my boyfriend complaining about what a pain in the butt I was being, you know what he did? Yeah, he just decides to take me on another date. He's pretty incredible, my guy. He talked about wanting a steak so we found ourselves seated on the upper patio riverside of Lonestar Cafe . What my baby wants, my baby gets! Funny story, food was good, but our poor waitress was having "one of those nights". The kind of night that a former waitress me totally understands and gets. We were ok with it and understanding with her situations that were out of her control. Poor girl had one table where one of her customers stumbled drunk into the kitchen, and another couple she was dealing with that were clearly having some intense drunken conversation. Their voice tones were escalating quickly and loudly and they just happened to be seated directly in front of us. She was pretty great, she gave us a pretty legit meal discount for being understanding, which was awesome. After dinner, we walked around a little, but decided we were tired and wanted nothing more than the hotel bed to sleep in. We were tired, we are older, we couldn't do another late night, settling for ice cream and sleep was the best we could do.

Will was excited about his red beer at dinner

My kind of Hotel Party!!!!

Sunday morning we were up by eight and we were not regretting calling it an early night on Saturday. We decided before heading home we would stop by Traders Village . When I lived in Houston, I lived within a couple miles of a Traders Village so I knew how much stuff they had, and knew this is something Will would want to check out too. We walked out four and half hours later with an indian head dress tin hanging, an indian sculpture, a patio hanging light, some dry shampoo for like a dollar each and some kettle corn. Because of course we needed all of those things. It was a long drive home in which we picked up Shoba around 11:30 at night from Will's moms house who was howling with excitement to see mom and dad, and we made it home around 1:30 for family cuddlin'.

Literally, one of my most favorite meals EVER.
That's right, corn was my meal on Sunday, meaning I had more than one!

Thanks Will for being so good to me, for being here for me, and always succeeding at putting a smile on my face and making me laugh when we go on our weekend adventures.

Oh, and here is a photo of the last time I had the whole San Antonio experience, pictured with my mom and sister. I'm guessing I was in the seventh grade here, just going off the hair do, I remember wearing those tiny butterfly clips in my hair back then, but I remember once I was in highschool those were sooooo out by then ;).

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  1. Awe what a great trip! Love all the photos. Glad you had such a good time! Looks like a fun weekend!