Tuesday, October 21, 2014

it's the freakin' weekend, i'm about to have me some funnn

Friday night, we pretty much had no fun, I rode the bike and Wills fell asleep watching tv! It was pretty lame, but pretty perfect.

Saturday, I rose up around 5:30 a.m. got in a run & shower before heading to watch Paris & C run a quarter marathon race. They did really good, and it made me wish I had just ran it, but meh, maybe next time. I set around with the two of them after the race and munched on a post race bagel, basically I stole one, I think I figured it was owed to me, which isn't really the case, but i was hunnnnngry. After the race, Will and I lounged around watching the sooners then headed up to campus and had a sandwich. We met up with our group for a little bit and got in earlier than normal on a campus night.

it's gameday, I think i'll wear my stilts.... I can't imagine wearing stilts on a gameday, I'd be an accident waiting to happen!

Only two to show up to tailgate... cool. Turned into a sammich date at the picnic table!

hardly eatin' pizza, thanks Othello's... i think?

Sunday morning I got up around 8 a.m. and headed south to make it to church with my papa Harber. Love that man, seriously can't say enough about him. After church, he took me, Chandra and B to lunch at the local chinese place. He talked us in to coming over to meet his new pet kitten Button. He's so funny with that little mr. Pretty dang cute actually. Before too long we headed to my cousin's baby shower, it was decorated SO cute. I decided to go check out my sister's new house that evening before heading back home. Brentli and I played in her new room that she absolutely loves. Pretty perfect weekend enjoying family & friend time!

Still liking my hair better curled...
Thought this letter to my papa was pretty neat!

I swear I smile bigger when this one is around!

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