Monday, October 13, 2014

Settle for a slow down

My weekends have been full of fun, great laughs and awesomeness. That's all great and grand but sometimes I just need a chill out weekend. We had intended on trying to go down to OU/TX but after a hectic week full of all kinds of things, I opted it was best for me to just stay in Oklahoma. Wills chose to stay with, which was cool, because I figured he'd still go down for all the fun. Sometimes, my body just says "yo, slow 'er down, get back to normal, stop spending so much money, be more healthy on your weekends, spend more time with your dog"... or maybe it's my conscious that says that, either way, I needed a break. I got out of work a little early, which was nice because I totally hadn't expected it. I went to the gym and got in a couple of miles. After getting home, I talked Will into going to the movies. I figured it wouldn't be too packed with everyone at OU/TX... it was still packed but I decided we'd get there early so that we would have a spot to sit. There was a huge line leading into the theatre, luckily, we still got great seats. We watched Gone Girl and I liked it a lot, so much, that I'll probably go back and read the book now.

it was a hat day

Baby dance party - Lincoln & Anna got the moves

Saturday morning, I got up early, feeling a little under the weather. I went to the gym and got 6 miles in. Running was the only thing that made me feel better, surprisingly. When I got finished with my run I was back to feeling a little crappy. I managed to do some dishes, cuddle with Shoba, and then get a shower. I finally pulled myself together by about 2 and went to meet with Will. We hung out at the Smith residence for a while that day. I hung out with my little best friends, Jake & Ella, I'm sure Anna would be my bestie too, but she was too worried about snacks. I get it Anna, I, too, like snacks. We played Jake's Xbox Kinect for a while, I sung and danced with Anna, Lincoln & Ella too. Kids put me in a better mood, and those kids are really great! Will and I got home that evening and we were both feeling a little bleh, so we went straight to bed.

He was worn out from cycling haha :P

Matching motorcycle couple aka nerdzillas

Sunday morning, we slept in a little while before I finally insisted that Will take me to get Chicken & waffles, slightly addicted. We went to ihop, by the way, not the best place for chicken and waffles, but it was still tasty. After that, I told Will that we would need to incorporate some type of exercise into our schedule. We opted to go ride our bikes, but this time, we wanted to take Shoba with us. Will had read about bike leashes somewhere online, so we wanted to find one. Petco actually only had one left. We were hesitant because Shoba doesn't like new objects, but we were hopeful since Shoba does like exercising. We hooked the leash up to the bike, at first he hesitated, but then he was golden. We went home, napped a little, then took a motorcycle ride to get dinner. Pretty perfect weekend for settling for a slow down.

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