Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwin' a change up your way

So... for a while (um, since I was 22) I have had long hair. Secretly and un-secretly for the past year and a half, I've wanted to chop it off. So the first time the idea of cutting it came up, I opted to add color instead. Keeping the length was fine really, but here I was again, still wanting a new do. Will loves my long hair and honestly, I didn't hate it, I just feel every once in while you gotta mix things up. I've been keeping in contact with my Amber and I don't dare make a decision without her permission/professional advice. Amber loves what she does, which is why it makes it so easy to trust her judgement. Every time I leave her shop I feel more confident and even a little cuter. Basically, this is the new me for a while, who knows, I may go back to the long side, but for now, I am happy with the change up! Hair will always grow, so babe, even if you hate it, I'll eventually grow it back!

Bye bye long stringy locks - notice the unsureness in my facial expression
I literally had knots in my stomach when I turned around and saw this..

It's still long, but it's really not, so weird, 8 1/2 inches off

He liked, which is/was important to me

This is my "just dropped off my kiddos at school, soccer mom" take on the new do

The sun def brings out the caramel colors, this is me on my way to work this morning, still not used to it. I don't hate it, I actually like it, it's just a big change for me! What's funny to me is, I dated this one guy one time, and he told me that I looked like a skank when my hair had red tones to it, literally right after I had walked out of the beauty shop (what a guy right?), now I date a guy who compliments me and doesn't call me any name but beautiful when I make hair decisions...
 I said change, oh change, will do you good!  Little Sheryl Crow for ya ;)

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