Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Will's Dirty Thirty

Wills turned 30 this year and I was determined to remind him of his old age! It took literally months to figure out what to do. This guy cannot make decisions to save his life. Finally a couple of weeks before his actual birthday I just decided to take on all of the planning myself. I contacted a party bus company and booked a bus. Next I had to figure out a theme for the party, Wills isn't much of a clubber so I knew I wouldn't be planning any dancing in the mix. I opted to go with a dirty dive bar theme. I decided I'd pick out some dive bars and then put together a pub crawl. I had NEVER even been to a pub crawl so I don't know why I thought this up. After asking one of my friends if she thought my plan would workout and her saying yes, I just sent out all the details before I had a chance to talk myself out of it. I decided to involve some games in on the pub crawl, not knowing how they would work out, but they worked out pretty fun. I didn't put a ton of pressure on ppl to play them, I just figured those who wanted to, would. And they did, and they were good, and fun, and I'm just glad things worked out! We also brought along some disposable cameras, some props and made our own little mock photo booth. Not every detail worked out as planned (aka the actual BUS - a hub broke) but we did end up in a limo filled with our amazing friends, old school rap jams, fireball and lots of laughing. Will and I couldn't have asked for better friends, they really made him feel special and we had SO much fun! We are rich in friendships thats for sure!

Will's Bday Cake


Limo Driver


Kevo with the win at Edna's!

Next stop The Sip, where, Kevin, Amanda, Hailey and I had a punching contest.


Alana also won the game at the Sip, she succeeded in getting an autographed glass with a bday msg from a bartender!


I thought I won at Cock o' the walk but technically Michele won because she only used stuff at the bar. The guy who made the mini bday card with the matches box does get brownie points for being super creative! Since I thought I won, I danced with Will to celebrate!

In between the bars, there was a LOT of limo fun! Just to give you an idea, here are a few pictures:



Hudson's was super fun too, at this point, all of us were nice and pub'd up.

Tim won the Hudson's round! Will was pretty proud of him!

By the time we were leaving Hudson's, our driver was in such a "happy" mood.

Last photo of the night!
 Thanking me for the surprise :) 
Why so serious?
Last photo of the night

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