Friday, October 31, 2014

Write this down

Lately, I've had a situation that has forced, or maybe I shouldn't say forced, maybe motivated me to start using handwritten communication. First, when is the last time you have written a letter? Not a note, not a reminder on a post it, but an actual letter?  I hadn't written a letter in a lonnnng time before now. I used to journal a bunch, but of course since switching to the technology stage of life, it had been a good minute. Second, if you have written a letter in a while, ummmm did it instantly take you back to the school days? And you remembered why you only wrote a page long note because your hand started to ache?  - Well, for me it did.

Anyway, I think I just wanted to blog about writing because I feel like it has opened up some room for me to learn and connect with the person I am writing so often lately. I mean, I might be getting more out of this experience than he/she is. So, if you haven't written in a while, and you enjoy doing it, or think you might want to, I encourage you to try it out, give 'er a go. At first, I wasn't sure I was going to find time, but it's amazing how little time it takes. It's also cool writing something and thinking about how the reader will respond, or if they will respond?!?! The person I've been writing has a very special place in my heart and I cannot wait to watch them grow more as an individual. So yeah, get your pen, pencil, permanent marker out, and write a few words of encouragement to someone. The fact that I might be writing something that might encourage someone to stay motivated in what they are doing, in itself, is worth all of the hand/wrist aches.

Also, Happy Halloween! Can't wait to share costumes and Halloween festivities with you next week!

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