Monday, November 10, 2014

Friday night we met up with the Harris twins and went to see Turnpike Troubadours at Tumbleweed . We had a great time! We went to get food at Eskimo Joe's then we stopped at a very beer garden like place, where a local thought Will was Donny, whoever that is, and we had a couple of beers playing catch up before the show. They were awesome as always, high energy show, they even played a Garth Brooks cover. Tamara and I hung outside talking until wee hours of the morning, love that girl.

We headed to Norman first thing Saturday morning to try and get back for gameday festivities. We were moving rather slow. I was starting to feel sick around one, however, I still managed to play a couple of games of Jumbo Jenga . We made our way over to Dandad's house around five Saturday evening, and I started to really feel sick after three hours. I knew I should've gotten my flu shot Friday. Meh. I vom'd as soon as we left and I was bundled up under my covers in bed by 8:45 that night.

This was Will's breakfast Saturday about gross!

Shoba tried trapping me indoors Saturday..Will still hasn't put the pillowcases on our pillows,
you had ONE job!
Also, how about my bad habit of keeping a bajillion unfinished water bottles on my night stand..

This couldn't better describe the tailgate Saturday. #sausageparty

Just hanging out with this lady while spending the majority of my time being sick at dandads :(

I'm going to steal this woman's pillow

Sunday morning, I was still feeling crappy, but I decided to try and do something with myself. I decided since I was feeling yucky I'd just take the lazy/easy approach to cooking dinner and make us some crock pot porkchops. While those were cookin' we declared Sunday, Shoba's day, and decided to head to midtown. We went to Midtown Mutts Dog Park and let Shoba run around with other pups. There was another "angry" dog with a very inconsiderate dog owner who blamed his dogs behaviour on our dog, which was weird. We decided to take Shoba on a walk then we went back later. We walked over to The Bleu Garten where Will enjoyed some food truck food and I took in some good people watching. We went back to the dogpark later before heading back home where Shoba made friends with Kaiser the labradoodle and Klondike the husky. We went home all had a pork chop each and watched Here Comes the Boom , while keeping track of the Bears vs. Packers game and Bad Teacher .

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