Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween candy, family & gettin' crap done

Friday, Will & I rushed home to get in charachter for all the little candy monsters that would be roaming the neighborhood. We always have a lot of fun handing out and eating candy. We doubled up on candy since we didn't have enough last year. This year Will finally agreed to being ZZ top, I have begged him for the past 5 or so years. The beards were so itchy. Most of the kids didn't know who we were, but we had fun dancing in the kitchen and getting chocolate wasted.

Free smells, just like Jimmy Johns

Waiting on trick or treaters

Saturday morning, I got up and ran around in Norman. Will maybe woke up at noon, but he was so tired all day. We headed to Ardmore around 3:30 and went and spent time with my sister, Buzz & little B. We went to dinner at Casa Romo's that evening, where we laughed and enjoyed good company. All day we debated traveling to Dallas to celebrate an early birthday with Travis (Will's brother). We decided we would travel to Texas in a couple of weeks to do so. Sorry we missed out Travis, but we will make it up to you! We love you! We went to bed so early Saturday night, it's not even funny!

Not much has changed over the years...

I'm pretty sure we woke up earlier than half of the world on Sunday morning. Wills took me to breakfast at Jimmy's Egg and it was delicious, we were pretty starving, but something makes breakfast taste better when you don't have to wait in line and your food is served to you right away. We hit up home depot, Lowes and Crest Foods - typical 30 year old stuff went down basically. We cleaned the house, Jack (my nephew) stopped by the house, got a little writing in and Will got our newest lawn art addition hung. We won't be making ANYMORE patio purchases, we are at capacity. We did take Shoba out for some exercise. And I did watch two movies while doing laundry. I watched Third Person  and Two night stand , both pretty good. Third Person has some twist and turns while two night stand reminded me of a couple I know and it made me laugh a lot. Happy Tuesday! I'm playing catch up on a few things since we were out of computer service yesterday at work!

We heart fresh sheets

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