Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ahtones, one night staycation & getting ready for the holidays

Interesting and eventful turned into not eventful at all type of weekend I had...

Friday night, we met up with my cousin Tristan (by the way, he's a legit writer, if you are looking for the good shit, HERE  is were you can find some of the good stuff ) at Blu . He was at a Rock your Mocs function, we were happy to see him while he was in town. After the function, we went with Tristan and his friend Benny, another writer who is a fun time, out to campus corner. We made a stop at O'Connell's for beers and wings, then we met up with Amanda and we had drinks at Louie's, Logie's and 747. What a "great" idea... what an interesting night. Will ended up being a good little boyfriend by paying for me to stay at a new place out on Franklin on the east side of Norman, nice place, nice people, crappy food. I think next time he wants to treat me to a one night stay, I'll pick a different, much nicer place.


Saturday was spent trying to locate where we parked since we opted to do the responsible thing and not drive. Sometimes responsible ways of doing things leaves you discombobulated, nevertheless, the car was found. We watched pretty woman and I slept most of the day and night.

My favorite winter meal, peppermint mocha & snowman cookie

Sunday wasn't much different than Saturday really, however, we got our first snow here. We took our crazy dog to play with other wolf hybrids & huskies at the dog park. I love that we were weren't the only ones with our furbabes there. I decided to put the Christmas tree up, but I'll wait on decorating until after Christmas, although, I kind of like it plain and simple like it is, I guess we'll see. This week has been crazy, lots of wrecks coming in from all the ice and so I've been busy. However, Tuesday night, KC, Sutton, Paris & Kinzi came over and we made holiday tshirts. Paris and I are running a turkey day 5k so we made shirts for that, and I also made B a matching shirt. I also purchased three Christmas gifts this week, so there's a start there. So far, great week, just ready for the weekend like always!

Kinzi made her list for Santa while visiting at my house, she so funny!

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