Monday, November 24, 2014

Kevin & Amanda are about done with Norman, on to better things so we had a mini last weekend in Norman Louie's celebration. We all stayed up late/early playing taboo & foosball.

Oh hey Brad!this is a common thing lately, people taking selfies when they have access to my phone.

We had a full day of sleeping with all the rain on Saturday. Saturday night I went over to KC's birthday celebration. Another night of celebrating, we played a little flip cup then some catch phrase. I played catchup with some people I hadn't seen in a while and we all lavished ourselves with Coors light, filthy cigarrettes and good conversation. You only live once people, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Sunday morning I got up early, then went back to sleep, then got up again and before I knew it, little B was at my house. My sister, B and I made dream catchers for my Christmas tree. I made some taco soup, made a late night cinnabun run and we all watched the AMA's. My AMA recap: Taylor Swift is adorable in how she acts when at award shows, Ariana Grande really annoys me, I hope that Garth performs his older stuff when I see him in January, Fergie's legs look unrealistic meaning she has great legs, I felt sad for Selena Gomez when she was performing - she seems so heart broken, damn it biebs, oh and I love Lorde, like a lot.

This guy was hanging out in my garage this weekend, cool.

Ahtone girls always end up being thumb suckers

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