Monday, November 17, 2014

Over here, just "voicing" my opinion


So I've been into The Voice this year, I don't know who to blame for it, either Kevin & Amanda because we all watched it one night last year after drinks at Louie's and since then my curiousity to the show grew, I mean they are cool people, if my cool friends watch a show, then it's obviously cool, and I, too, should watch this show.  Or maybe I should blame Will, because he only watches stupid Sons of Anarchy and every criminal show on television, no movies, no other tv series, so yeah, slim pickins' at my house. I'm still curious if he even likes it, he doesn't give his undivided attention like he does on the other super lame shows he watches. I'm clearly still bothered by the fact that he took my lunch as his lunch to work, and it's affecting my blog post here. But really, I ate freakin' peas for lunch, jerkwad. Anyway - so I was so sad to see the Taylor from Sherman go (if you watch the show, you know there is eleventy million Taylors) I've decided that I only want a few to win, and so I'm going to share with you who i want to win. Oh and I vote on that shit, I'm all about this dang show, unfortunately, since watching, I've pretty much quit the gym the last two weeks because they only show it like three times a week. Gah, this show is killin' me.

Ok so here's what we are looking at..

Team Adam -

Chris Jamison - Who I like to refer to as Channing Tatum's kid brother, I mean he's good, obviously these people are good, they wouldn't be on here if they weren't. I think tween girls all over are probably routin' for this one.

Damien Lawson - Again, it goes without being said that all of these people are talented, but Damien never seems to have fun with his songs, he is very serious, and most of the time very emotional in his performances.

Matt McAndrew - Matt is my favorite Team Adam member, I love that he chose to sing the beach boys, if anyone wins from Team Adam, I vote Matt!

Team Gwen -

Ryan Sill - Another boy band looker, I think he's talented, and I think he reminds me of my friends boyfriend a lot, just because he seems like a nice guy, I think a lof of ladies want him to win.

Taylor John Williams- Oh Taylor, another favorite of mine, I like his style, I like the way he sounds, his hats, I also like that he covers good songs.

Anita Antoinette- Girls got it goin' on, love her, Taylor and her are my favorite team Gwen members!

Team Blake -

Craig Wayne Boyd - Oh my gosh, he's good, but to me, and obviously this is just me, but he is trying to BE travis tritt, I wish he would just do his own thing. Naturally, Will really likes him, we agree to disagree for most of our lives around our house.

Jessie Pitts- Her voice sounds like a little angel to me. I think she's very unique, and I like this girl.

Reagan James - Reagan is like 15, and she is awesome. It's a close call between Jessie and Reagan, but I gotta go with my gut feeling and say Reagan!

Team Pharrell -

Ok, first I just want to say that i LOVVVVVE Pharrell, he seems like he could very well be the nicest person in the universe, Pharrell, if you want a new friend, please pick me!

Sugar Jones - ummmm, i like her name? i like her hats... yep

Danica Shirley- What a beauty, what a voice, did you see her sing Whitney Houston, dang, she's good!

Luke Wade - Rich girl, this is the song, that made me fall in love with your voice! 

Sooooooooo, ready to see what tomorrow's episode will be like :) 

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  1. I LOVE this post! I missed last night so I have some major catching up to do!!! They're all sooooo good!